Netflix drops first-ever Tiger King Season 2 trailer

The first Tiger King 2 trailer promises more of everything from conflict to crime and even death threats.

For what it's worth, the COVID-19 pandemic gave birth to several pleasant surprises. This includes Tiger King, a true-crime docu-series that pretty much united the entire world during the early stages of the still-ongoing global affliction. Audiences found themselves drawn to the bizarre and unreal characters featured in the first season, including Joe Exotic, otherwise known as the Tiger King.

It definitely appears that we haven't seen the last of Joe Exotic just yet.
It definitely appears that we haven't seen the last of Joe Exotic just yet.

Well over a year later and it appears that Netflix is hoping that lightning will strike twice with the release of Tiger King Season 2.

What is Tiger King 2 going to be about?

Netflix Drops First-ever Tiger King Season 2 Trailer
The first season of Tiger King is easily one of Netflix's biggest docu-series hits.

As promised earlier, Netflix dropped the first-ever trailer for Tiger King 2. It takes no time showing off an angry and bitter Exotic complaining about how he's stuck behind bars while everyone else makes bank from his zoo.

The infamous tiger breeder's antics led to the creation of the popular Netflix series, which has resulted in the likes of Jeff Lowe, the man who succeeded Exotic as the owner of the zoo, making "more money than god". As for the rest of the trailer, we're treated to glimpses of how much support Exotic is getting from the series' fans, as well as the rivalry between Exotic and Joe and the disappearance of Howard Baskin, the missing husband of Carole Baskin.

Only time will tell if the second season of Tiger King can replicate the success of the first one. Back in 2020, several studios claimed that they had their adaptations in the works. Unfortunately, as time went by, most were canceled.

Having said that, the official trailer for Tiger King 2 drew in nearly 700,000 views in 24 hours, suggesting that fans are still very much interested to see how well the titular zookeeper is doing these days.

Regardless of its success, one thing that's guaranteed is how wild Tiger King 2 will be. The only question now is, can it top the first season?

Tiger King 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix on November 17.

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