At least three unannounced remasters from Take-Two Interactive are in development

Take-Two has a lot more brewing for the next couple of months outside of the next-gen version of GTA 5 and the standalone release of GTA Online.

Take-Two Interactive currently sits on a treasure trove of classic titles begging for a re-release. While Rockstar Games' parent company isn't exactly known for its remakes and remasters, the company has put a bit more effort in lately. For example, Take-Two released Mafia: Trilogy in 2020. The compilation was made up of a mix of remakes and remasters of older Mafia titles.

A re-release of San Andreas for current-gen consoles might be coming soon.
A re-release of San Andreas for current-gen consoles might be coming soon.

Another good example is what Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, said earlier this year. He suggested that the company wasn't interested in making "simple ports". This isn't to say that it's not going to make ports. Rather, Take-Two wants their remasters and/or remakes to be more than just mere re-skins, which they've proven with Mafia: Trilogy.

Now, we've come across information that at least three unannounced remasters or remakes from Take-Two Interactive are in development.

What kind of remasters or remakes is Take-Two Interactive working on?

Grand Theft Auto III was arguably the game that catapulted the franchise to mainstream success.
Grand Theft Auto III was arguably the game that catapulted the franchise to mainstream recognition.

According to a recent Take-Two investor presentation, the holding company for popular studios such as Private Division, 2K, and of course Rockstar Games, is working on three upgrades, remasters, and/or remakes of "previously released titles" that are set to release in 2022.

Technically, Take-Two is working on six re-releases of older games. We already know three of these titles: Grand Theft Auto 5 and Kerbal Space Program for the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, as well as the standalone version of GTA Online.

With that said, fans are already speculating the truth about the three "unannounced" remakes and remasters.

For the vast majority, this is confirmation of the earlier rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 3 remake, along with Vice City and San Andreas now assumed to be in active development too. Of course, the rumors remain officially unconfirmed, but it does make sense. The aforementioned Mafia: Trilogy was composed of remasters of Mafia II, an extended edition of Mafia III, and a remake of the original Mafia game.

In this case, the rumored "GTA: Trilogy" would include either updated, remastered, or even remakes of Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Vice City, and/or GTA: San Andreas.

The announcement also fits in particularly well with a recent move that Take-Two made. The company decided to shut down several mods for Grand Theft Auto 3 out of the blue. This would be understandable if it planned to re-release the game in 2022.

With plans to release around 62 games by 2024, Take-Two is going to be busy the next couple of years. We can only hope that the company and its studios can maintain the same quality of games that we have come to expect from them. Otherwise, Take-Two could risk alienating its hardcore fanbase. This is especially if rumored remakes or remasters are not up to par with GTA audience's high standards.

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