As many as three big PlayStation announcements are reportedly coming this week

According to a well-known industry insider, Sony is preparing to open April with as many as three big announcements.

Save for another big studio buyout, the only massive announcement we can think of from Sony is Spartacus.
Save for another big studio buyout, the only massive announcement we can think of from Sony is Spartacus.

The console manufacturer silenced any doubts that March is a big month for PlayStation fans, but, as it turns out, Sony wants to keep the party going well onto April.

According to Kinda Funny Games' Greg Miller, the next few days are going to be interesting as he has heard of at least three PlayStation rumors, implying that the confirmation of even just one is newsworthy already. Miller is so hyped for the upcoming reveal that he's decided to press pause on his PS I Love You podcast until Thursday, which is when he believes that Sony will make a big announcement.

Unfortunately, Miller didn't get specific about what kind of new information Sony gamers will get later this week, but this hasn't stopped fans from speculating. For example, the prevailing theory right now is Sony will finally announce Project Spartacus.

After details of Sony's new but still-unconfirmed subscription service first emerged last December, there've been bits and pieces of info that appear to confirm that it's coming sooner rather than later. There were reports in January that Sony had started pulling PS Now cards from retailers in the UK, which was further corroborated when active PS Now subscribers found out that they'd started getting PS Plus benefits and vice versa earlier this month. Finally, there is the Bloomberg report from last week that said that Spartacus is on its way.

With Sony severely lacking a proper competitor to the Xbox Game Pass, we're curious to find out if Spartacus is indeed coming and if it can meet expectations.

Of course, a Spartacus reveal is just one of the three announcements that Miller claims is coming. Judging by how Sony keeps on snatching up studios in recent years, we wouldn't be surprised if it's a new acquisition. Perhaps Sony wants to strengthen its ties with Hideo Kojima and decided to welcome Kojima Productions into the fold, or maybe it's another big AAA title.

As Many As Three Big Playstation Announcements Are Reportedly Coming This Week
If we're being honest, we'd settle for another set of good games for PlayStation Plus this April.

Given that Sony is no stranger to surprising audiences, as was the case with the tech giant's early March showcase that features the likes of Exoprimal and Valkyrie Elysium, Sony could be sitting on another showcase for April with just as many unexpected announcements.

The good news is that Sony was always going to say something this week before March ends. After a solid March lineup of games, Sony is expected to confirm April's freebies for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so we should hear more from the PlayStation makers in a few days. The only question now is if it's going to be related to whatever Miller is talking about or not. Fingers crossed, Miller is telling the truth and April could be just as big of a month for PlayStation owners as March was.

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