The three best Persona games are coming to the Xbox and PC

Persona used to be synonymous with the PlayStation brand, but the recent announcement confirms that this is no longer the case.

Persona fans, rejoice! PC and Xbox gamers can finally enjoy Sega's best-selling franchise via the Game Pass.

Just like that, the Game Pass' late 2022 lineup just got a whole lot better.

According to the announcement at the best non-E3 E3 so far, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, as well as Persona 5 Royal, are all headed to the PC and Xbox consoles via Game Pass, sometime in 2023.

Many consider Persona 5 Royal as one of the best RPGs to launch in recent years.

Persona 4 Golden has been on Steam for a while now, but this is the first time that Persona 5 Royal and Persona 3 Portable are headed to the PC and Xbox. Judging by how well the PC port of Persona 4 Golden runs, we can expect the rest to play as smoothly on the Xbox and PC. It's a shame, though, that we're getting Persona 3 Portable and not Persona 3 FES. But, we can't exactly complain, especially now that Persona 5 Royal is coming as well.

Now, it wouldn't be as weird playing Persona 5 Strikers, which is a sequel (of sorts) to the 2019 title.

Many consider the Persona series one of the best modern JRPGs out there, and Persona 5 Royal, the latest entry, is the best of them all. The 2019 title combines captivating characters, stylish aesthetics, as well as an ingenious storyline. In addition, the light social sim features make the deep story that much more engaging. Simply put, Persona 5 Royal is a no-brainer for JRPG fans, as are the rest of the series.

Ultimately, we should all celebrate that the best Persona games are headed to the Xbox and the PC.

Persona 5 Royal is arriving on the Microsoft Store and the Game Pass on October 21. We do not have a date on the other two yet, but we're hoping that they won't be too far behind. Also, while we're at it, we might as well pray that Persona 5 Royal and Persona 3 Portable are coming to Steam as well.

Speaking of Persona, fans of the franchise are expecting to hear an announcement for the next Persona game any day now. The first clue that we got of Persona 6 being in the works came from a recruitment page in July.

Ray Ampoloquio
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