THQ Nordic is working on an unnamed South Park game

After Ubisoft and Obsidian Entertainment had their turn, it's now time for THQ Nordic and Question Games to do a South Park game.

"hot hot hot hot" was what Randy Marsh said in the background as THQ Nordic closed its most recent video game showcase.

Thq Nordic Unnamed South Park Game
THQ Nordic saved the best for the last as it confirmed that it will publish the next South Park game.

The video game publisher recently showed off a bunch of games that it's working on, with plans to release in the next few years, and it appears that one such game will be a South Park title.

Unfortunately, THQ spoiled the fun by not providing further details about the game. Not to mention, this will mark the first time that THQ Nordic will publish a South Park game, so we don't know what to expect.

Despite the lack of info, we can piece out info about the unnamed South Park game. Case in point, Jason Schreier effectively confirmed the third South Park game last year. Back then, Schreier reported on the $900 million deal that Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed with ViaComCBS. In addition to this, a job listing by Question Games hinted that the upcoming South Park title might have multiplayer elements.

Thq Nordic Unnamed South Park Game
We're hoping that THQ Nordic honors the source material without necessarily making it too derivative.

As much as we loved Obsidian Entertainment's and Ubisoft's take on South Park, it wouldn't surprise us if Question Games does as great of a job if not better. Several developers with previous AAA experience make up the studio, ranging from the trio of BioShock games to Dishonored and even the past two South Park games.

Since South Park will celebrate its 25th year this month, we hope to hear more about the third South Park game soon.

Speaking of South Park, 2014's The Stick of Truth is one of the best yet weirdest games you can play. Its sequel, The Fractured But Whole, was also just as weird and good as a superhero game that could appeal to a wider audience.

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