This trick allows players to grow infinite grass in Stardew Valley

An experienced Stardew Valley player shared the trick on TikTok for everyone to take advantage of it.

Stardew Valley has been around for years at this point and remains one of the most-played indie games out there. Despite its old age, the number of players in the game remains relatively high. Stardew Valley is available on multiple platforms, contributing to the player count and overall popularity.

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Stardew Valley launched in 2016 and has continued to grow since, with more and more players joining the game daily. And as expected of a game with a large player base, players are keen on finding optimal strategies to grow their farms.

As such, a popular Stardew Valley content creator recently shared a trick on their TikTok account that shows how to grow infinite grass in Stardew Valley. If you've played Stardew Valley, you must be well aware that grass patches are hard to come by once they've been destroyed on your land.

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Grass is a main source of animal feedstock and runs out relatively quickly as you get more livestock on your farm. Animals, such as sheep and cows, will start to munch on the grass patches faster than the patches grow back.

Thanks to a TikTok shared by blink_see, there is a trick that allows players to grow grass infinitely without worrying about running out of it ever again. According to blink_see, if players place fences on top of their grass block, the grass will continue to grow around it.


How to grow infinite grass for your farm animals in Stardew Valley: Plant grass before you place the fences down. The animals can’t eat the grass placed under, but the grass will spread and feed your animals for you 🌾🐮🐔 #stardew #stardewtips #stardewtok #stardewvalley #stardewvalleytips #stardewtiktok #stardewvalleyfarmer #stardewvalleymemes #stardewvalleyfarm

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The trick here is that the animals won't feed on the grass under the fence. They will only feed on the grass that grows around the "fenced" grass patch. This will allow the players to stop worrying about their limited grass stock.

Stardew Valley continues to flourish as one of the best cozy games worldwide, and we wouldn't be surprised to see more tips and tricks coming out of this wildly popular indie game.

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