Leak Suggests That Third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC is Coming

2019's Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield received two paid post-game DLC contents in 2020, in the form of The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. However, if a slightly old leak is to be believed, then a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC might be coming in 2021.

Pokemon fans could indeed have a good reason to celebrate with a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC reportedly coming this 2021.

Is the Third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Confirmed?

With the first two leaks now confirmed, fans are wondering if the third and fourth leaks are true or not.

If there's one community in video games that knows all too well not to believe any rumors and leaks, it's the Pokemon community. The Pokemon games have long been subject to many false claims and speculations, dating all the way back to the infamous Hidden Mew Under the Truck gaming urban legend.

But, every once in a while, a leak does come that ends up being true, with one, in particular, starting to look less like speculation or guess and more like insider information.

The leak concerned comes from the dedicated Pokemon message board on 4chan. The said post dates back to February 2020 and comes from someone who isn't exactly known as a credible source. In the post, the leaker makes numerous unfounded and unverified claims, half of which later turned out to be true.

Among the numerous now-verified claims made by the leaker includes the release of the first two Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs in 2020, as well as the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and, perhaps, most notably, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Now that half of the leaks have been proven to be true, it stands to reason that some people are waiting for the confirmation of a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

When Is the Third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Release Date?

At the moment, there is no confirmation of the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. As such, we won't be able to give you a release date. However, according to the leak, the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC should release in 2021, which would supposedly release "the rest of the missing Pokemon" and add "3 new mythicals".

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So, are the leaks true? We don't know. Until we receive official confirmation from The Pokemon Company, it's best to take the information from the leak with a grain of salt.

After all, the timing just doesn't make sense. At the moment, GameFreak has their hands full working on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Not to mention, releasing a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC would coincide with the release date of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and we highly doubt The Pokemon Company wants to cannibalize its own sales numbers.

On the off-chance that a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC was originally planned, there is a high chance that The Pokemon Company may have decided to cancel it since. The COVID-19 pandemic and the "crunch culture" controversy have forced numerous companies to pivot and rethink their strategies.

Despite the continued success of the Pokemon games in 2020 and 2021, it is possible that The Pokemon Company opted to cancel work on the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC instead to give the developers more time to work on future projects.

With that said, this isn't to say that a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC isn't coming. Rather, we're just advising you not to get your hopes too high up until an official announcement is made.

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