The Witcher Remake will feature an open-world

CD Projekt Red has confirmed Vizima would be an open world in the remake.

CD Projekt Red recently announced its plans to remake the original game, which came out in 2007, while also developing the next installment in the series, The Witcher 4. Both games have been confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5. Furthermore, CDPR revealed that The Witcher remake will have an open-world setting.

The Witcher Cover
CD Projekt Red confirms that the remake will have a fully open world.

In 2007, CD Projekt Red released a video game titled The Witcher and introduced gamers to Geralt of Rivia. The game was based on novels of the same by Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher was well-received by both critics and gamers and eventually won several awards.

The success of the original Witcher game later spawned a series of three mainline titles, two expansions, and six spin-offs. The series has become the flagship title for CD Projekt Red and became a hit TV series on Netflix. Now, you can add a remake of The Witcher and its open-world setting.

CDPR briefly mentioned this during the studio’s third-quarter financial report, saying the upcoming remake will be a "story-driven, single-player open-world RPG."

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Geralt will have much more areas to explore in the remake than in the original game.

CD Projekt Red hasn't revealed much about The Witcher remake, stating the game will be a "full-fledged" Witcher game. The original game was not set in an open-world environment and had a more linear approach to its story progression and gameplay.

The Witcher was set in the Temerian capital of Vizima, which is a city that players can visit in The Witcher 3. The areas were divided into different levels in the original and gamers could not return to a previous location once it was completed. Players could potentially explore the city of Vizima in the remake with its open-world environment.

Fans have speculated that the upcoming game would look more like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt rather than the original given the new open-world setting. The third mainline title in the series was the first to feature a truly open world that players could explore which made the game a massive success.

The Witcher Art
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the first in the series that featured an open world.

The game may still be in the early stages of pre-production as CD Projekt Red mentioned that "it's gonna be a while until we can share more details."

During the announcement that a remake was in the pipeline, CD Projekt Red also acknowledged the importance of The Witcher to the studio. "The Witcher is where it all started for us, for CD Projekt Red. It was the first game we made, ever, and it was a big moment for us then. Going back to this place and remaking the game for the next generation of gamers to experience it feels just as big, if not bigger," CD Projekt Red’s Adam Badowski said.

CD Projekt Red has not given a release date for The Witcher remake. We only know that it will arrive after The Witcher 4.

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