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The Witcher 4 will get a new director

CD Projekt Red’s Sebastian Kalemba has been promoted to game director for the new Witcher trilogy of games.

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The Witcher 4 gets a new director.

CD Projekt Red has announced that a new Witcher trilogy of games is already on the way. The first installment, dubbed as Witcher 4 by fans of the series, officially has the codename "Polaris" and is described by CDPR as the "beginning of a new saga."

Plot details are scarce at this point, but we have a big update about the next game in the series. CD Projekt Red veteran Sebastian Kalemba has announced on Twitter that he will be directing the new Witcher saga.

"Career news: I’m directing the new Witcher Saga," Kalemba tweets. "Since joining CD Projekt Red I believe nothing is impossible and raising the bar, telling emotional stories & creating worlds is what we’re here for."

Sebastian Kalemba is a fifteen-year veteran of the gaming industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, Kalemba joined CD Projekt Red in October 2014 as Lead Animator. He worked on the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 before being promoted as the Head of Animation. In 2021, he was promoted to Creative Director.

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Codename Polaris will be the first of a new trilogy of Witcher games.

Witcher 4 is still in pre-production at this stage. CD Projekt Red is dividing its development team to work simultaneously on Polaris as well as the Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077.

Witcher 4 will be using Unreal Engine 5 as its game engine. The proprietary RED engine has been replaced so the development team can focus on the game rather than working on the game engine.

We are a long way from the release of Witcher 4. While the studio has confirmed that the research phase of the game has already concluded, it will be a few years before we see the finished project. On an investor call earlier this year, studio president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński mentioned that Polaris is about three years away from being released.

CD Projekt Red will surely take its time with the Witcher franchise. It would not want to repeat the mistakes that were made with Cyberpunk 2077. The game was released with a ton of game-breaking issues and took two solid years before it lived up to its potential.

The studio aims to release two more Witcher games after Polaris, creating a "new AAA RPG trilogy". This new trilogy is separate from the remake of the original Witcher saga which has an internal codename of "Canis Majoris". The remake is reportedly very early in its development and will be released further down the line.

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Hopefully, the new game will have better luck that Season 4 of the Witcher tv series.

Hopefully, the new Witcher 4 game will have better luck than its live-action counterpart. Henry Cavill recently announced that he is leaving the Witcher series with Liam Hemsworth replacing him as Geralt of Rivia. The announcement was met with severe backlash and fans have started a petition to retain Cavill and fire the writers of the show.

It was recently revealed that the writers weren’t fans of the books or the video games that the show was based on. Cavill will be working on the Man of Steel sequel with DC and Warner Bros.

There is no word yet on the release date of the Witcher 3. We expect it to premiere sometime in mid-2023.

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