The Umbrella Academy showrunner to work on Horizon 2047

Steve Blackman will be responsible for developing the TV show based on the first-party PlayStation IP, Horizon.

As Sony continues to leverage its expansive and lucrative cache of first-party titles, we're getting more and more live-action adaptations of the tech giant's best-selling games. Case in point, the Horizon games are getting a TV adaptation that's coming to Netflix.

We're hoping that Blackman takes creative liberties with Netflix's TV adaptation. The ending of Horizon Forbidden West was kind of bonkers.
We're hoping that Blackman takes creative liberties with Netflix's TV adaptation. The ending of Horizon Forbidden West was kind of bonkers.

News of the Horizon series came out earlier this year with later reports claiming that it will be titled "Horizon 2047" and will explore the cataclysmic events that eventually led to the world being what and how it is in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Since then, official details about the Horizon show have been very light - until now.

According to Deadline, Steve Blackman, the executive producer and showrunner of The Umbrella Academy, has set his eyes on Horizon 2047 under Irish Cowboy, his new production company. His work on the Horizon series is included in his new Netflix deal that will see him work on a second series, Orbital. Blackman describes the adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Orbital as "hallmarks of Irish Cowboy productions" because they are "elevated, event-level projects grounded in characters that fans will love and relate to."

Regardless of whether Netflix's Horizon TV show will be a prequel or an adaptation of the first game, both sound interesting enough to make for compelling entertainment.

Blackman claims that Aloy will remain a
Blackman claims that Aloy will remain a "main character" in the show's story, which somewhat debunks the earlier rumors that it will be a prequel.

With Blackman's involvement confirmed, all that's left is for the casting and filming to begin so that we can finally start speculating about when the show will hit the streaming platform.

In other Netflix news, the world's leading streamer might have to give up its throne sooner rather than later. Disney now has more total subscribers combined compared to Netflix. It's highly unlikely that this slide will end. Netflix's "other" venture, which is gaming, hasn't paid off as well as the company has hoped. Yet, for some reason, several job postings hint at Netflix possibly doubling down on its initial investment by adding cloud gaming to its list of services.

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