The Rock teases his return to Fortnite, seemingly confirming that he's The Foundation

A leaked ad for Fortnite found on TikTok and a social media post by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appear to confirm what many thought all along.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is about to come to an end on December 4 with Chapter 3 expected to follow soon after. Although Epic Games has declined to announce anything officially, several details about the popular battle royale's next chapter have already leaked online, with a particularly detailed errant ad airing on TikTok.

After a black hole "swallowed" the map in Chapter 2, it appears that Epic is literally flipping the entire map over for Chapter 3.

With that said, one interesting revelation that's come from all the available info so far is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirming his involvement in Fortnite.

Was The Rock always The Foundation all along?

Twitter user freddythefox_YT was one of the first to spot the unreleased trailer for Fortnite's Chapter 3 release, which the user claims to have seen while on TikTok. Epic hasn't confirmed that the ad is official, but the unreleased trailer looks legit.

In it, we can see a group walking around the game's island when something explodes and sends them falling into the water. Once they get their footing, we can see one of the heroes floating in the water and looking up to see that the island is already on its side with spaceships floating about. A few seconds later, a second explosion happens and the ships are now all gone with the island flipping over as "Fortnite Chapter 3" flashes across the screen with the trailer ending with the honking of the Battle Bus.

TLDR; the leaked Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer is teasing a new map for the game.

What is perhaps the most interesting part about all of this is The Rock "confirming" his role as The Foundation, which is something that fans have suspected all along.

Johnson's promotion of his ZOA energy drink just feels too on the nose not to mean something. Not to mention, the names "The Rock" and "The Foundation" are both somewhat similar in meaning. In addition, you can see The Foundation's helmet in the same video, which is as good of confirmation as any can get that The Rock and The Foundation are the same.

Thankfully, it's only a matter of time before The Rock's involvement in Fortnite and Fortnite Chapter 3 are all confirmed.

We have a feeling that heads are going to roll after the Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer leaked early on TikTok.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is expected to end on December 4 after starting in 2019. Back then, Fortnite's then-latest chapter was preceded by the same amount of hype, leaks, and speculations. Epic cleverly took advantage of this by literally taking the game offline following the chapter-ending event that supposedly led to the entirety of the game being swallowed by a black hole.

Given that Epic has only tried to one-up itself every step of the way, we can expect a similar event to happen soon enough.

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