Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes touring fans happy with a surprise Meet-and-Greet

At this point, The Rock can do no wrong.

Many consider Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of the most likable stars in Hollywood. Save for his beef with Vin Diesel, most if not all seem to like him.

The Rock Makes Fans Happy With Surprise
What fan wouldn't love t o have a chance encounter with The Rock?

Then again, when he consistently does the type of things the subject of this report, making the day of some unsuspecting tourists, you can't exactly blame anyone for looking up to him and wanting to be friends with the gargantuan Hollywood actor.

What has The Rock been up to lately?

The Rock Makes Fans Happy With Surprise
The Rock is set to make his DCEU debut next year in Black Adam.

The Rock is undoubtedly the most successful WWE wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor. He's appeared in at least one major film each year since lending his likeness for 2001's The Mummy Returns as the Scorpion King. Johnson's most recent appearance came in Disney's Jungle Cruise, where he starred alongside Emily Blunt.

Further adding to his image as one of the nicest people in Hollywood, The Rock declined to pursue legal action against Disney despite the film's sales dropping more than half in its second weekend. Perhaps this is why Johnson is already in talks with Disney for a Jungle Cruise sequel.

Yet, despite his busy schedule, which only slightly cleared up after Black Adam wrapped up filming, Johnson doesn't seem to mind making time for his fans.

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Johnson went and surprised a group of touring fans while out in his neighborhood. As he went out on his morning drive, Johnson drove by the fans and asked them, "Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?", which was immediately met with awe and excitement as the fans couldn't help but contain their happiness with The Rock randomly popping up to make their day.

After Johnson took a few moments to spend with his fans, he went ahead on his merry way and ended the video by saying "it was a good way to start my Saturday."

The Rock Makes Fans Happy With Surprise
The Rock will star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in Netflix's Red Notice.

Naturally, the video went viral. It also drew the attention of his fellow celebrities. One of Johnson's closest friends, Kevin Hart, couldn't help but take this opportunity for some ribbing. Meanwhile, other stars and famous figures left their own positive comments to appreciate Johnson for what he just did.

Not all celebrities are happy to spend time with touring fans. Most would've probably avoided the bus had they seen it coming. For The Rock to actually go to it himself while out on what was supposed to be time for himself just goes to show what kind of human being he really is at his very core. The fact that Johnson appeared to be genuinely as happy as his fans makes it hard not to like the guy.

With that said, this is definitely one chance encounter that those lucky fans will never forget anytime soon.

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