The Rock interview takes an awkward turn following question about presidential bid

It appears that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't as open to running for President of the United States as once thought.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the most well-liked and respected figures around the globe. In fact, fans love Johnson so much that they want him to become President of the United States. Johnson also appears to be open to the idea. He's once mentioned that he will run for the highest seat in the United States "if people want it."

The Rock might not be as eager to run for presidency as people once thought.

Having said that, a recent interview suggests that Johnson isn't as interested in running for the presidency as previously thought.

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Is Johnson ever going to run as President?

Johnson was quick to avoid questions about a potential presidential bid.

Johnson recently had an interview with while promoting his latest movie, Red Notice. During the interview, the 49-year-old Hollywood actor was asked what he'd been doing if he wasn't off making movies while the interviewer also mentioned running for the US presidency a couple of days. However, instead of saying that he might have had a career in politics already, as most fans probably expected, Johnson said that he'd probably be "in prison for making bad decisions."

In an attempt to deflect further questions about his political aspirations, Johnson shifted the attention towards his Red Notice co-star, Gal Gadot, asking her what her career would be if she wasn't a celebrity.

As for Gadot, the former Miss Israel mentioned that he'd probably be a lawyer. However, she also added that she's thankful that things didn't work out because she hated conflict. Her other alternative would be a doula, as she felt that "when women have their babies, it's the most magical moment in life."

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Gadot and Johnson are currently set to star in Netflix's star-studded action film, Red Notice, which also includes Ryan Reynolds.

In Red Notice, Reynolds and Gadot play the roles of rival criminal art thieves while Johnson is a federal agent who is hell-bent on capturing both and locking them behind bars. According to reports, Red Notice cost Netflix a whopping $270 million to make, which is several times more than what it cost the platform to make Squid Game.

Speaking of Johnson, Vin Diesel recently made a public appeal to bring back his "little brother" for Fast 10. Johnson has yet to respond, but Diesel's statement comes just weeks after Johnson expressed regret for making the feud public.

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