The Rock's business partner reacts to Vin Diesel's public plea

While The Rock hasn't responded to Vin Diesel's plea yet, Hiram Garcia has shared his thoughts about The Rock's potential return in Fast 10

Vin Diesel wants The Rock to come back and finish the two-part finale of the Fast and Furious franchise. Unfortunately, it appears that Diesel's plea has fallen on deaf ears as Johnson has yet to issue a response. But, if it's any consolation, Johnson's business partner and co-producer, Hiram Garcia, has posted a reaction after Diesel went on Instagram to ask Johnson to reprise his role as Luke Hobbs.

More than just his starpower and influence, The Rock's chemistry with the rest of the cast makes his return a no-brainer for the franchise.

Is The Rock going to come back to finish The Fast Saga?

Years later, people still don't know what was behind the feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel.

Following the premiere of Fast & Furious 9, The Fast Saga is down to its final film (albeit split into two parts). The first of the two-part finale will air in April 2023 with the second part expected to launch within two years. Since this is the finale, it would only make sense that some of the series' oldest characters would return. Naturally, this should include Luke Hobbs, which was notably absent from F9.

Johnson first appeared in 2011's Fast Five as the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service agent, Luke Hobbs, whose initial goal was to take down Dominic Torreto and the rest of his crew. The obvious on-screen chemistry between Johnson and Diesel meant that fans could look forward to seeing more of Johnson in the franchise, and for a while, this is exactly what happened. However, certain things happened and Johnson eventually bowed out after 2017's The Fate of the Furious as he went on to star in his spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, along with Jason Statham.

With talks between Johnson and Diesel's feud heating up in recent months, it appears that the latter is ready to close the book on this squabble. As mentioned earlier, Diesel took to Instagram to ask Johnson to return for Fast & Furious 10, referring to Johnson's return as the future WWE Hall of Famer's destiny.

If The Rock comes back, F10 could end up outselling previous titles by a significant margin.

Almost two weeks have passed since Diesel expressed his desire for The Rock to come back and Johnson himself has appeared on several other interviews since. Despite this, Johnson has not commented about a potential return to the Fast and Furious franchise. But, Johnson's long-time business partner, Hiram Garcia, did recently tell Screen Rant that he appreciates that Diesel shot his shot.

With that said, Garcia's thoughts are not a response by any means. At this point, it's safe to assume that Johnson has no interest in coming back for a final go at Fast and Furious. If he does return, it will be interesting to see how the movie will explain Hobbs' absence in F9. Not to mention, we're curious to find out how he'll mesh with John Cena, who joined the high-octane film series as Jakob Torreto, Dom's long-lost wayward young brother.

In the meantime, fans can watch Johnson in Netflix's Red Notice. Audiences can also look forward to watching Johnson join the DCEU as Black Adam in July 2022, along with other sequels to his previous films such as Jungle Cruise 2. The Rock also recently made it known that he wants to play James Bond.

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