The Rings of Power has already begun production on Season 2

Amazon's The Lord of the Rings prequel has started filming the second season in the United Kingdom.

It looks like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will one-up House of the Dragon in a single department.

The Rings Of Power Begun Production Season
At the very least, Season 2 of The Rings of Power should tide fantasy fans over while waiting for the next season of House of the Dragon.

The two blockbuster fantasy shows have often been compared to each other these past few months. However, the Prime Video exclusive has lost on all fronts, especially in terms of its viewership. But, it's not terrible. Many critics have praised The Rings of Power for its quality and as a worthy successor to Lord of the Rings. While it doesn't quite match up to House of the Dragon's historic numbers, it is still setting new records for Prime Video.

With at least five seasons planned already, The Rings of Power was always going to be one of Prime Video's biggest fixtures. Now, it appears that Amazon isn't keen on keeping its audiences waiting.

The Rings Of Power Begun Production Season
The Rings of Power is expected to span at least five seasons if not more.

Amazon Studios head, Jennifer Salke, revealed to Variety that production on Season 2 has already started and that the streaming platform wants to have the "shortest time possible between seasons."

TLDR; Amazon Studios is working tirelessly to get future seasons of The Rings of Power out.

If we're lucky, we'll be able to watch Season 2 of The Lord of the Rings prequel less than a year from now. But, we wouldn't mind waiting until the holiday season next year. Either way, it will be able to beat HBO's own fantasy hit series, House of the Dragon, to the jump. The Game of Thrones prequel reportedly isn't set to start filming its next season until next year, all but confirming that it will be returning for its follow-up season in 2024.

The Rings Of Power Begun Production Season
It's nice to see that Amazon Studios is committed to getting more seasons of The Rings of Power made as fast as possible.

The current season of The Rings of Power ends on October 14 with its eighth episode.

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