The Quarry will have nearly two hundred different endings

Specifically, Suppermassive's upcoming horror game will have 186 different endings.

Supermassive Games, the studio behind one of the best horror games of all time in Until Dawn, is back with another round of nightmare-inducing gameplay shenanigans.

The Quarry Two Hundred Different Endings
With so many endings, The Quarry can also end where everyone lives and where everyone dies.

The Dark Pictures Anthology studio confirmed earlier this year that it's finally working on a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, The Quarry. With a little over a month before the star-studded game comes out on June 10, the project's director, Will Byles, sat down with IGN to reveal a couple of juicy tidbits about the upcoming title. Specifically, about how The Quarry will have multiple endings.

When we say multiple endings, we're not just saying a couple. According to Byles, The Quarry's 1,000-page script consists of 186 different endings that will depend on the choices that you make with the non-playable characters in the game.

In comparison, Until Dawn only had three endings.

Byles noted that the big and small choices compromise the game. The former, which are denoted as Path Changes, has a drastic effect on the game's outcome. Meanwhile, smaller choices only change the context in which how your characters feel about someone else and vice versa. The Quarry will also notify you to tell you the effects of your actions. Byles then explains that the studio used a common horror trope to manage the game's absurd amount of endings. Specifically, when someone dies in The Quarry alone, it won't affect the others. However, Byles adds that people will either live or die in The Quarry and the results of your choices will affect the game's narrative.

Ultimately, all that Byles is saying is hype-inducing, but the execution is where everything matters. As much as people love Until Dawn, the three The Dark Pictures Anthology games the studio has released so far haven't seen as much success.

The Quarry Two Hundred Different Endings
The 186 different endings all represent the thousands of smaller choices that you'll make in The Quarry.

If it's any consolation, The Quarry boasts an ensemble cast of familiar faces led by Scream's iconic cop, David Arquette. Other known celebrities that are a part of The Quarry's lineup of actors and actresses include Ariel Winter, Justice Smith, Brenda Song, Lance Henriksen, Lin Shaye, Ted Raimi, and more.

It will be interesting to see how audiences will respond to The Quarry on June 10.

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