The Office reboot depends on Greg Daniels, says NBC Exec

A reboot of The Office is not officially in the works, but it could be if Greg Daniels wants to do one.

No one is working on rebooting The Office, just yet. However, an NBCUniversal executive isn't opposed to the idea. In fact, the same executive is very welcoming of a return to Dunder Mifflin. The only problem? Greg Daniels has to be okay with it first.

The Office isn't getting a reboot anytime soon, but not for the lack of interest.

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Is there ever going to be a The Office reboot?

If we're being honest, a reboot of The Office is probably a decade or two too soon.

The Office ended nearly a decade ago after a highly successful 9-season run. However, the TV series remains just as popular and relevant today, especially after it joined Netflix. Before it departed the aforementioned streaming platform on December 31, The Office went on to become the most-streamed TV series on Netflix in the United States, pulling in over 57 billion minutes of watch time.

Since leaving Netflix, NBCUniversal has aired the mockumentary-style TV show on its own streaming service, Peacock. In addition to streaming the original episodes, NBCUniversal also added previously unaired footage and extended episodes. Peacock also has a host of themed playlists, with clips taken from The Office episodes composed of everything from Jim's best Dwight pranks to Michael Scott's nuggets of wisdom.

As a bonus, Peacock hosted its own Office Zen channel. Just think of it as like one of those ASMR videos online, but with office-related ambient noise instead.

Now that we've established just how much of a draw the American TV series still is, let's talk about the possibility of a reboot. Although, as we've already mentioned, no one has said that a reboot is in the works, NBCUniversal isn't closing its doors to the possibility.

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The Office reruns is one of the biggest reasons to subscribe to Peacock.

As per Deadline, NBCU content chief Susan Rovner confirmed that the studio is at least interested in doing the project, saying that "whenever Greg Daniels wants to do one, we're standing by."

TLDR; if a reboot of The Office is ever coming, it's all up to executive producer Greg Daniels.

Earlier this year, Daniels shared how he'd like to do a reboot of The Office before shooting down the possibility by saying that he has his hands full "at the moment". Daniels is currently involved with Netflix's Space Force and Amazon's Upload. He serves as either the co-creator or creator on both shows, as well as the executive producer. He is also the director for the latter.

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