The Nintendo Switch keeps selling like crazy

The Nintendo Switch has outsold two legendary legacy consoles, and Nintendo hardware hit a major milestone with this achievement.

With their similar purpose and design, many have come to regard the upcoming Steam Deck as a competitor of the Nintendo Switch - however, the Switch will be a tough act to follow. In a recent financial report, Nintendo has revealed that the handheld console is smashing records with no signs of slowing down.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch itself has, since its release in 2017, sold over 89 million console units. Not only does this give it a colossal advantage over the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but pushed it over the lifetime sales of both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Knocking out those two now puts the Switch in seventh place among the lifetime sales of all video game consoles ever.

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89 million units are a whole lot of units, and with this immense contribution, the Nintendo Switch has pushed the company's lifetime console and handheld hardware sales over the 800 million milestone, further solidifying Nintendo's undeniably significant effect and influence over the entire video game industry.

Based on how the market is trending, the Switch isn't slowing down either.

With multiple price points available with the introduction of the Lite variants, the Switch has successfully reached multiple audiences and demographics, and the hybrid console/handheld design remains a strong selling point. It's also basically the only place to play most new first party Nintendo titles, so it's got a lot going for it.

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The Switch OLED will likely help push shipped units above 100 million.

With the Switch going strong, we don't doubt that the 100 million unit milestone will be crossed soon - possibly within the year, especially with the holiday season coming up. In a climate often struck by stock shortages, the Switch was consistently the most widely available current-gen platform throughout the year, even though it too suffered from bouts of scarcity and scalping.

The next member of the console family, the Nintendo Switch OLED will launch this October.

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