The Medium PS5 Release Seems Imminent After ESRB Rating

Timed exclusives are starting to become more common and it seems like the next-gen of consoles aren't safe from this.

The Medium PS5 release is coming soon after an ESRB rating was spotted.

While most will likely think of Deathloop when we talk about next-gen titles that are timed exclusives, one next-gen video game that's already out might be on its way to being available on other platforms.

The game that we're talking about is the Xbox console exclusive, The Medium.

When Is The Medium PS5 Release?

The Medium might release on the PS5 within the next couple of weeks.

Eagle-eyed observers noticed Bloober Team's third-person psychological horror game recently receiving a rating for the PlayStation 5 by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Usually, when a game is rated by the ESRB, it means that it is going to release soon. However, this isn't always the case. After all, just a couple of months ago, we covered Godfall receiving a rating for the PS4 and we haven't heard of the PS5-exclusive title since.

With that said, it'll be interesting to see if The Medium is going to release on the PS5 and when.

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The Medium was a pleasant surprise for the Xbox Series S/X. It wasn't necessarily a console seller, but it did give gamers another reason to buy Microsoft's latest next-gen console. The paranormal thriller received rave reviews and told an interesting story, with an ending that we covered in-depth in a previous article.

Going back to the rating, ESRB listed Koch Media as the publisher for The Medium. It's worth noting that The Medium was originally self-published. In March, Koch Media signed Bloober Team to a publishing deal to release the physical versions of The Medium.

Koch Media may want to make the most out of this deal by releasing physical versions of The Medium on both the Xbox Series S/X and the PlayStation 5 at the same time.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything from Koch Media or Bloober Team. Most likely, Koch Media will announce The Medium PS5 release at the Summer Game Fest during the Koch Primetime stream on June 11.

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