The Matrix Resurrections draws mixed opinions in first reactions

The first reactions to The Matrix Resurrections are out and while they're not necessarily bad, they're not outstanding either.

We're only a few nights' sleep away from the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections and a handful have finally had a chance to watch Lana Wachowski's lone outing and sequel to the iconic and influential sci-franchise. As the last big film to premiere this year, all eyes are on The Matrix Resurrections. Warner Bros., in particular, will want to use the box office success (or failure) of The Matrix Resurrections as proof of its hybrid release strategy.

Just like the other sequels, it appears that the fourth film just couldn't quite live up to the original.

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What are the early viewers saying about The Matrix Resurrections?

2003's The Matrix Revolutions should have ended the series. Much to everyone's surprise, The Matrix Resurrections is here as the fourth film in the franchise and the first new installment in nearly two decades.

Here's what early viewers have had to say about The Matrix Resurrections:

What's next for The Matrix Resurrections?

If nothing else, The Matrix Resurrections is a bold sequel that tries to do something different in a world that's full of remakes and reboots.

In a nutshell, most early viewers agree that The Matrix Resurrections is the best among the Matrix sequels - it's just not as good as the original. To be fair, the 2001 sci-fi action film was a masterpiece. The good news here is that most appear to have loved Resurrections despite the flaws. Although we can't say the same for other critics and reviewers, as well as audiences, the early signs bode well for what could potentially be the first of many The Matrix sequels (or perhaps, prequels).

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Unfortunately, all that we can do for now is to wait for The Matrix Resurrections to premiere.

As confirmed earlier this year with its trailer, The Matrix Resurrections will release both in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22. Warner Bros. will be keeping a close eye on how well the film will do, especially after Dune set a new record for the studio.

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