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The Last of Us viewership continues to rise after Episode 4 premiere

7.5 million tuned in to watch Episode 4 of The Last of Us on HBO despite airing at the same time during the 2023 Grammy Awards.

The Last Of Us Viewership Continues To Rise After Episode 4 Premiere
At this rate, HBO's The Last of Us will dethrone House of the Dragon.

The 65th annual Grammy Awards proved no match for Joel and Ellie's brush against bandits in The Last of Us Episode 4. In what's become a given since the series' record-setting premiere, The Last of Us' viewership has continued to climb after its fourth episode.

After the highly divisive Episode 3 posted huge numbers, Episode 4 saw a 17% jump from 6.4 million to 7.5 million across both HBO and HBO Max.

The Last of Us has made a point of beating the odds and bucking trends. The survival horror drama fought off a second big event in a row after tussling with the AFC Championship two weekends ago.

Of course, HBO knows that one of its most expensive shows can't compete with America's most beloved holiday. With this year's Super Bowl happening on Sunday, HBO is steering clear of the prestigious event by making The Last of Us Episode 5 premiere earlier for everyone to watch.

This just goes to show that no matter how big you are, there's always going to be someone bigger.

It will be interesting to see if HBO's The Last of Us can continue posting larger numbers despite the timeslot change later this week.

The Last Of Us Viewership Continues To Rise After Episode 4 Premiere
We're hoping HBO's The Last of Us isn't the last live-action adaptation that the cable network picks up.

Speaking of competition, The Last of Us' season finale will air on the same day as the 95th Academy Awards on March 12. Also, Naughty Dog confirmed that The Last of Us Part 1 for the PC has been delayed by a couple of weeks. Finally, The Last of Us has become so big that Activision Blizzard is using it to justify the Microsoft buyout.

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