The Last of Us gets ten million viewers in two days on HBO Max

It looks like the day after was a lot bigger for HBO's The Last of Us than its massive debut.

Somebody go tell HBO Max and Naughty Dog that viewership is supposed to taper off over time and not increase the day after. After posting the second-best launch on HBO in over a decade, HBO's The Last of Us enjoyed an even bigger outing the next day.

the last of us ten million viewers two days
HBO's The Last of Us continues to be a revelation.

Inside HBO Max confirmed that 10 million people tuned in to the premiere of HBO's The Last of Us in two days. This means that 5.3 million people either rewatched the first episode or got curious about the platform's next viral sensation, which is nearly a million viewers more than on the actual premiere date.

Released at a time of budget cuts, HBO's The Last of Us is an outlier twice fold. Keep in mind that video game adaptations with huge budgets don't usually fare well. However, not only has the live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog's award-winning franchise become a huge draw, it might have put itself in contention to win awards down the road.

It probably too early to tell but that's the vibe we're getting judging from the initial reviews of the debut season.

With that said, gaining 10 million views on HBO and HBO Max in just two days is a massive achievement. It's not exactly the same numbers that House of the Dragon posted last year, but many are hoping that HBO will renew The Last of Us for a second season after two episodes.

the last of us ten million viewers two days
HBO's The Last of Us might encourage Naughty Dog to go back to the drawing boards as soon as possible to work on The Last of Us Part III.

Speaking of The Last of Us, the long-time franchise director, Neil Druckmann is teasing that The Last of Us Part III is in the works. If it's true, then we're hoping to get more details at this year's The Last of Us Day on September 6 along with more updates about the multiplayer spin-off. In the meantime, you can check out The Last of Us Part 1 for free on the PS5.

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