The Last of Us' Season 2 production paused due to WGA strike

The WGA strike has delayed production and casting for The Last of Us Season 2, among other shows, leaving fans in suspense.

While fans are hoping for an immediate solution to the WGA's current woes, it's important to note that the issues the organization is fighting for are very real.

The Last of Us fans might have to wait a little longer for Season 2 to hit cable television and Max. Recent developments in the industry have forced a delay in the production of the highly anticipated follow-up season to the massively successful live-action adaptation of the Naughty Dog game. The production delays are mostly due to the still-ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.

The industry-altering dispute, which has now extended into its second month, has put the production of various films and TV shows on hold. The Last of Us, which previously aired on HBO Max, is likely waiting for a resolution until things can go further.

According to Variety, production on The Last of Us Season 2 hadn't gotten deep yet, as it was still in its casting stage. The incoming actors would've had to read scripts from The Last of Us Part 2 as there still isn't a script finished for the second season.

The Last of Us Season 2 is just the start as the show is expected to adapt the award-winning sequel across multiple seasons.

The main crux of the issues that the WGA is fighting for at the moment is fair pay and better working conditions. Until it is resolved, the expected release date of the second season remains in limbo but it's safe to assume that it might not hit its current release window.

Abby, one of the central characters from the award-winning video game sequel, has yet to be cast for the series.

The delay is certainly frustrating for series fans who wanted to receive positive updates from the show. But, it's important to remember that the strike isn't just for show. The WGA is fighting for better conditions for all its members.

By fighting for the implementation of reasonable working hours and health care provisions, the WGA is hoping to have a lasting effect on the TV and movie industry as a whole. The positive impact of this strike extends beyond just The Last of Us. So, it's best to look at this as a minor setback that will lead to something greater in the long run. In the case of The Last of Us, the writing can only get better after what was already a magnificent first season.

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have already promised an immersive narrative that stays true to the spirit of the original video game.

The Last of Us Season 2' current release date might be moved to the back of its window if not later.

Speaking of Max, the platform's other big show, House of the Dragon, is expected to soldier on despite the ongoing WGA strike. However, a delay is probably still on the cards as the ongoing protest is expected to affect potential rewrites in the middle of production. But, as filming is expected to take the better part of the year, fans better hope that the WGA finds their demands met soon.

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