The Last of Us Part 1 goes gold ahead of September launch

The developers released a not-so-new trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 to commemorate the milestone.

It looks like the remake of Joel and Ellie's initial outing is good to go.

The Last Of Us Part Goes Gold Ahead September Launch
It's official, The Last of Us Part 1 will be available on September 2.

A little over a month after Naughty Dog unveiled The Last of Us Part 1 at the Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog has confirmed that the upcoming remake of the PlayStation-exclusive hit has "gone gold." Basically, this means that the game has reached a development milestone where it's almost 100% guaranteed to come out on its initial release date. In this case, The Last of Us Part 1 will launch on September 2 for the PC and the PlayStation 5.

You can also check out the "new" trailer below for The Last of Us Part 1:

The Last of Us is one of the most beloved narrative-driven games ever to come out. But, we can't say the same for its more controversial and very divisive sequel as well as its remake.

The Last of Us Part 1 was officially revealed last month by Neil Druckmann and people have not stopped talking about it since.

On one hand, The Last of Us Part 1 marks the first time the first-party PlayStation title will be on the PC. On the other hand, fans aren't happy about the pricing. Naughty Dog is selling The Last of Us Part 1 as if it's a new PS5 game at $70 and has led some to label the game as a "cash grab." However, an animator stepped forward to defend The Last of Us remake, describing the game as the "most meticulously built and crafted project that I have ever seen or been a part of in my entire career."

We'll find out soon enough if The Last of Us Part 1 is worth the high asking price or not in less than two months.

The Last Of Us Part Goes Gold Ahead September Launch
The Last of Us Part 1 isn't a full-on remake but it's not just a simple remaster either. It's a little bit of both.

Speaking of Naughty Dog, it's still unclear when Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be released on the PC. We are aware that it is part of Sony's plans for this year, but it is still curious that we got a release date for The Last of Us Part 1 first. Also, you might want to check out our first official glimpse at the main protagonists of HBO's The Last of Us live-action adaptation.

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