Joel and Ellie go on a road trip in The Last of Us Episode 4 preview

The trailer for The Last of Us Episode 4 features Joel and Ellie going on a road trip that goes south as they find themselves in Kansas City.

HBO just treated audiences to what could easily be the best filler episode in any show yet with the premiere of The Last of Us Episode 3. But, all good things come to an end. In this particular case, the next episode takes audiences from the story of Nick Offerman's Bill and Murray Bartlett's Frank and their prepper-friendly abode onwards to a show-specific location as well as a unique character.

the last of us episode preview
As with any post-apocalyptic show, things will always go from bad to worse whenever they seem like they won't.

"Eurgh, smells like burnt shit," quips Ellie as she gets a whiff of the coffee Joel is brewing for himself. Little does Ellie know, she successfully foreshadowed what will happen later on in the episode.

After two days on the road, Ellie and Joel find themselves in what appears to be the narrow streets of a human settlement as they encounter an injured man begging for their help. We're then treated to a handful of scenes depicting a worsening situation for the duo. One, in particular, sees Melanie Lynskey's character, Kathleen, who's unique to the show, threatening to shoot a man's head off as she asks him to tell him where "he" is.

Judging from her tone, whoever Kathleen is looking for is in for a world of pain.

The show-specific character is the leader of a survivor group that has Kansas City in its crutches. She'll likely represent the biggest threat Joel and Ellie have ever faced en route to wherever the hell they're going now that Joel finally has his truck battery (and a truck, to boot).

the last of us episode preview
It's probably a good idea to do as this bulldozer says when you see it running at you.

The Last of Us has dominated the internet for the better part of the month. Don't expect anything to change as the series soldiers on with its remaining episodes, all the way to its finale on March 13.

After this, fans can look forward to the release of Season 2 of The Last of Us, which will likely be longer than Season 1 as it will be based on The Last of Us Part II, the game's more expansive sequel.

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