The Last of Us 2 Chapter List

Having won the Game of the year, The Last of Us part 2 is one of the most compelling video games for 2020. If you are lost or wondering which chapter you are on, you can rely on this list. We will list all the chapters and sub-chapters in The Last of Us part 2 to guide you on which chapter you are currently on.

The environment of The Last of Us 2.

This article will talk about the approximate game time you need to beat The Last of Us Part 2. We considered the game's difficulty and world exploration. There is also a chapter select feature that we will talk about how you can unlock later on. Be wary, though. We will be talking about each chapter's locations and names, so proceed at your own risk.

Chapter List

Below is the list of Chapters and sub-chapters included in The Last of Us part two game. Some of the chapter titles may spoil you, so be careful.


Playing as Ellie in the Jackson chapter.
  • Prologue, Waking Up
  • The Overlook, Patrol
  • The Horde, The Chalet

Seattle Day 1 - Ellie

1st day in Seattle.
  • Packing Up, The Gate
  • Downtown
  • Return to the gate with fuel canister
  • Eastbrook Elementary
  • Capitol Hill, Channel 13
  • The Tunnels
  • Theatre
  • The Birthday Gift - flashback

Seattle Day 2 - Ellie

Ellie sleeping in the chapter "Seattle Day 2."
  • Hillcrest
  • Finding Strings
  • The Seraphites
  • St.Mary's Hospital

Seattle Day 3 - Ellie

Playing as Ellie on your 3rd day in Seattle.
  • Road to the Aquarium
  • The Flooded City - boat trip
  • Inflitration - The Aquarium


The Park in The Last of Us Part 2.
  • Tracking Lesson

Seattle Day 1 - Abby

Playing the Seattle chapter from Abby's perspective.
  • The Stadium
  • On Foot
  • The Forward Base / The Aquarium
  • Hostile Territory
  • Winter Visit
  • The Forest
  • The Coast

Seattle Day 2 - Abby

Abby in Seattle Day 2.
  • The Shortcut
  • The Descent
  • Ground Zero
  • Return to the Aquarium

Seattle Day 3 - Abby

Sneaking as Abby in Seattle Day 3.
  • The Marina
  • The Island
  • The Escape
  • Confrontation

The Farm

The peaceful days on the farm in The Last of Us 2.
  • Day by Day

Santa Barbara

The last chapter in The Last of Us 2.
  • Constance 2425
  • Pushing Inland
  • The Resort

Chapter vs. Stages

The city in The Last of Us 2.

Chapters are dependant on which location or part of the story you are currently in. Chapters contain multiple stages that build up the overall narrative of the game. Completing a chapter allows you to understand the narrative of The Last of Us Part 2 more. Moving to another location can also signal a new Chapter.

Stages, on the other hand, are levels and missions you need to complete for the campaign. There are multiple stages in each chapter, with each stage assigning you a mission to complete. The duration of each mission varies. Some stages or missions may take an hour to complete, while you can complete others in just a few minutes. The duration of each stage also depends on your game difficulty.

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Stage and Chapter Select

Joel, the main character from The Last of Us.

Once you completed a Stage or Chapter, you may freely replay it again by selecting the Chapter or Stage in the Chapter Select. You can find this option in the main menu, and you can select which stage or chapter you would like to replay. Replaying a chapter or stage can help you find more collectibles or finish it on a higher difficulty setting.

Are There Any Optional Stages?

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us 2.

There are no optional stages in The Last of Us Part 2. However, you may explore the world during some of its stages and chapters. While it is not mandatory to explore the world, it is highly recommended as the world of The Last of Us Part Two is beautiful. You can also find a lot of loot and other collectibles if you explore the world around you.

Approximate Game Time

Abby in The Last of Us 2.

The Average Game Time of The Last of Us Part 2 is 30-40 hours. This approximation is for moderate difficulty. A harder difficulty may cost you to finish the campaign longer, and if you are on an easier difficulty, you may need less time to finish the campaign. The Average Game Time also depends on how much of a completionist and explorer you are.

Does it Have Multiple Endings?

Playing as Abby in The Last of Us 2.

No. Just like its predecessor, The Last of Us Part 2 only has one ending. While the story is linear, you may fail a stage if you do not act quickly according to the game's directions. Some states may require quick actions to be successful in them. The Last of Us Part two has two playable characters, but you cannot switch between them. There are specific chapters for each character.


Playing as Ellie in The Last of Us 2.

Compared to its predecessor, The Last of Us Part Two has a longer storyline. Switching between two playable characters, the game has 10 chapters. Each chapter has multiple stages and missions you have to complete to progress. The story of The Last of Us part two is linear, and you can only receive one end.

Once you finished a chapter or stage, you may select the stage from the chapter select and replay it once again. By replaying the stage, you can increase the difficulty or find more collectibles and secrets. Depending on your game's difficulty, the game can take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to beat. This game time depends on how much of a completionist or an explorer you are as well.


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