Forgotten Xbox exclusive, The Last Night, might appear at The Game Awards 2021

Little is known about The Last Night after it was first revealed during Microsoft's presentation at E3 2017.

Not all games ever make it out of development. For every game that gets released, several others get stuck during development, never to see the light ever again. For years, many thought that this was what happened to The Last Night, a 2.5D adventure title announced at E3 2017 during Microsoft's presentation. Back then, the intention was for the game to release as an exclusive for the Xbox One. Unfortunately, in 2018, The Last Night was delayed indefinitely and we have not heard much about it since - until now.

For years, fans waited for more The Last Night news that never came.

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Are we going to see The Last Night at TGA 2021?

The Last Night might have been postponed indefinitely, but it was never officially shelved or cancelled.

Earlier this week, eagle-eyed observers noticed that Tim Soret, the creator of The Last Night, went on Twitter to share a brief clip. What's interesting is that Soret quickly deleted the video of what many believe is The Last Night's title screen. Luckily, others were fast enough to download a copy of the said video. Because Soret took down the clip, fans are now speculating that Soret uploaded the video by mistake ahead of a potential reveal within the next couple of weeks.

While it's a stretch to claim to know that The Last Night's reveal will come at The Game Awards 2021, it's not impossible either.

Unfortunately, Soret was quick to shoot down all the talks. In the game's official Discord server, Soret shared that he was just trying out "new GIF compression techniques." If this is true, then fans shouldn't get their hopes too high up. But, of course, as we've mentioned in an earlier article, it always benefits developers to deny speculation and rumors as it gets people talking.

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TLDR; The Last Night might or might not get announced at The Game Awards 2021 on December 9.

Regardless of whether The Last Night will be at the year-ending event, The Game Awards 2021 is still worth watching. The annual showcase usually features game announcements, reveals, and updates, in addition to the awarding ceremony. Speaking of, Sony has a chance to make it four-in-a-row with a first-party PlayStation title winning the prestigious award with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart among this year's nominees.

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