The Kill Room reunites Samuel L. Jackson with Pulp Fiction co-star Uma Thurman

After many, many, many years Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson will get a chance to work together again in Nicol Paone's The Kill Room.

Nearly three decades have passed since Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman starred in Quentin Tarrantino's crime film, Pulp Fiction. Now, the two will reunite to work on a new film that sounds very much like the seminal 1990s crime film.

Uma Thurman Samuel L Jackson Reunion
You'd be forgiven if you thought that The Kill Room was a Quentin Tarantino film.

According to THR, the Pulp Fiction co-stars will work together in a darkly comedic crime thriller movie, The Kill Room, helmed by Nicole Paone, who previously wrote and directed the 2020 film, Friendsgiving. The Deviants member described the opportunity to work with Thurman and Jackson as beyond her "wildest streams" and that she is "eternally grateful to both of them for saying yes."

Ironically, the announcement comes just days after the three Pulp Fiction stars, including John Travolta, appeared on stage at the 2022 Oscars where Travolta and Thurman recreated the famous dance just right before handing over the Best Actor award to Will Smith.

The Kill Room will be the second time that Jackson and Thurman share the screen as co-stars. Even if both of them were the leads of Pulp Fiction, Thurman and Jackson never appeared in the movie side-by-side. Their respective characters, Jules and Mia, only shared a connection via Travolta's hitman as the two went out on a date and did their aforementioned dance.

Thurman and Jackson should feel right at home with the plot of The Kill Room. According to the movie's description, it will involve an assassin who becomes involved in the art world, for some reason as yet unknown. Surprisingly enough, it's not Thurman who will play the role of the assassin nor Jackson. Both have extensive experience playing as hitmen in movies, so we're not counting out a potential twist that somehow involves both of them being taking up arms with a hint of comedy thrown in. For now, the assumption is that the movie still hasn't cast the assassin for The Kill Room.

The Kill Room Reunites Samuel Jackson Uma Thurman
The Kill Room currently does not have a release date.

Samuel L. Jackson is set to make his long-awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe within the next few years. After the premiere of 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home, Jackson will reprise his role as the enigmatic Nick Fury in Secret Invasion and The Marvels, which are expected to premiere either later this year or next year.

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