The Director of Anthem Has Left BioWare

Jonathan Warner, the director of Anthem, has called it quits and resigned from BioWare after a near-decade-long tenure from the Alberta-based video game development company.

Jonathan Warner previously worked on Mass Effect 3 before serving as the director of Anthem from 2015 until its closure in early 2021.

Warner was most recently involved with Anthem, where he served as the game's director.

Warner Is Moving On To New Things

Warner announced his resignation via Twitter. In the said post, he talks about wishing BioWare the best and saying that all of its big franchises are in good hands. He then says that he is "moving on to do new things" although he did not exactly specify what he'll be doing next nor where he'll be going now that he has resigned from BioWare.

Before working on Anthem, Jonathan was one of the senior producers of Mass Effect 3. In particular, he had heavy involvement in the game's widely praised multiplayer component, as well as the Citadel DLC. He also had a hand in the Mass Effect Trilogy boxset, as well as the Wii U port of the games.

After his stint with Mass Effect 3, Anthem was tapped to work on Anthem starting in 2015. He would stay in this role and see the game's closure earlier this 2021. However, aside from his involvement with Anthem, Warner also held the role of Chief of Staff in BioWare the last two years that he was in the company.

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Anthem is perhaps one of the biggest flops of the decade. The game was billed as the next big thing, or so to speak. But, poor commercial reception and the lack of critical success, forced BioWare to scrap the game entirely after they'd considered rebooting it in hopes of turning things around.

As of the moment, Anthem is still available for sale in its Standard Version. However, BioWare will no longer be providing support nor updates for it anymore.

BioWare Loses Yet Another Key Figure

With Warner's official departure, BioWare has officially lost multiple key figures within the past couple of months.

Before Warner resigned, BioWare, via Electronic Arts, announced in December 2020 that the director of Mass Effect, Casey Hudson, and the executive producer of Dragon Age, Mark Darrah, had resigned from their respective positions within the company.

In addition to this, rumors are suggesting that hundreds of Senior Developers have left their respective posts on BioWare.

That last bit of information is interesting, to say the least. If it were true, then it does spell trouble in BioWare just less than two months before BioWare is set to release the Mass Effect Legendary Edition that contains remastered versions of the first three Mass Effect titles.

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