The Day Before confirms PC release date and console ports

The upcoming zombie MMO's release date is now confirmed, and the developers revealed Xbox and PlayStation versions on the way.

The Day Before Confirms Pc Release Date And Console Ports

The MMO market isn't currently doing as well as it did for the remainder of the last decade, but the genre is far from dead. While the headlines are mostly being hogged by Amazon's troubled New World MMO, there are other upcoming titles on the block - such as the zombie MMO The Day Before, which just got a release date confirmation as well as Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 port announcements.

While the zombie multiplayer game market is absolutely overflowing - and has been for years and years - with recent popular releases including Back 4 Blood, and larger open world titles with survival elements being among the most common indie titles in the past few years, the undead and traditional MMO gameplay hasn't really meshed before.

In a genre where fantasy and sci-fi RPGs reign supreme, a traditional MMO set in a contemporary, modern zombie apocalypse is a pretty novel concept - and one we're surprised hasn't been done more often already. The Day Before is here to fill that niche, and as the MMO fandom isn't exactly inundated with new games, has gotten quite hyped up.

Now, the developers have finally announced a release date for the Zombie MMO, which only has had fairly limited information shared so far - unfortunately, we'll be waiting a good long while yet before we get to jump into this post-apocalyptic world that's been described as a cross between The Last Of Us and The Division.

The Day Before Confirms Pc Release Date And Console Ports
Ready for yet another post-apocyalypse?

The Day Before will launch worldwide on PC on the 21st of June, 2022. Next summer is still a while away, but if you aren't planning to play the game on PC, you'll have to wait even longer. While the announcement that The Day Before will also launch on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 is welcome, console players will get the game later.

Originally announced only for PC, eager gamers were asking the developers about a possible console release since day one, and Fntastic didn't shoot down the idea - they said that console versions are being considered. Until now, that was the level of commitment officially, but now we finally know that The Day Before will indeed go multiplatform.

The Day Before Confirms Pc Release Date And Console Ports
The Day Before, launching on PC and consoles next summer, will need to fight hard to differentiate itself from other zombie shooters.

Based on official info, The Day Before will have heavy survival elements, a vast open world with both urban and wilderness areas, social features such as forming self-sustaining colonies of survivors and more. We imagine that, as an MMO, it will have RPG elements, PvP, raiding in some form and other typical features expected of the genre, baked into a persistent world - all to differentiate it from non-MMO zombie survival games.

There don't seem to be any real big gaming media events between now and The Day Before's release date, so there isn't any ballpark for further information being revealed - we'll just have to wait and see what else the developers have in store, and how much will be shown off before prime time.

We're curious to see how The Day Before will try to stand out from the crowd as a zombie apocalypse game, but we'll definitely find out on the 21st of June, 2022 when it launches.

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