The Day Before may have plagiarised Call of Duty

Eagle-eyed fans spot similarities between the trailer for the survival MMO and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As time goes by, things are getting stranger with Fntastic’s The Day Before. The oft-delayed title recently made headlines for the conflicting statements that the studio released about the reason for the game being delayed. Now, The Day Before is being criticized once again for outright copying footage from another game.

The Day Before May Have Plagiarised Call Of Duty Trailer
Did Fntastic copy several popular games in its trailers and still images?

Even after Fntastic released a lengthy gameplay video for the game, there's growing doubt among fans that The Day Before is real. Gamers are saying that the trailers and gameplay videos are just smoke and mirrors and that the game doesn't exist at all. The Day Before has also been delayed several times which doesn't help Fntastic's case.

In a new development, eagle-eyed fans caught Fntastic plagiarizing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with its trailer video, and we have to say, the similarities are striking.

Twitter user Chromastone10 posted several screenshots comparing the trailer for The Day Before and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Wars. The trailer does look identical when played side-by-side.

"I saw someone say I was ‘reaching’ and another person [says] ‘I mean shots through ducts/vents and red mood lighting is fairly common cinematics’," the user tweets. "So here's both trailers side by side…"

Chromastone10 added several more comparisons between The Day Before and several other games like The Division and The Last of Us. These are two games players have been comparing to the upcoming survival MMO since the first gameplay video surfaced two years ago.

One particular shot of a player entering a city certainly looks like it took heavy inspiration from a scene in The Division. The camera angle, environment, and even the placement of the character are identical to that of Ubisoft’s popular third-person shooter. It may not be an exact copy but the resemblance is uncanny.

The Day Before May Have Plagiarised Call Of Duty Trailer
The still image for The Last of Us (top) and The Division (bottom) look similar.

The Twitter user also showed several more screenshots that may have been copied from other games. This does not bode well for Fntastic, which announced that it is having trademark issues with The Day Before.

Another Twitter user DanBeforeTime also showed similarities between the weapon customization for The Day Before and the gunsmith in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The user notes that Fntastic did not even change the font it used for the game’s weapon customization mechanic in an effort to differentiate it from the Activision title.

Taking inspiration from other games is pretty common these days, especially for mobile titles looking to attract more casual gamers. However, most AAA and indie titles on PC and consoles make a conscious effort to differentiate themselves from the competition. Hopefully, Fntastic showcases some unique gameplay elements in its next trailers to silence doubters.

Did Fntastic plagiarize Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the other titles? That is something we will leave up to you to judge. We will know if the similarities between The Day Before and the aforementioned games go beyond just gameplay trailers and still images when the game is (maybe?) released on November 10.

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