The Cuphead Show! gets its first trailer ahead of Netflix release

The first The Cuphead Show! trailer brings the notoriously difficult video game to life.

Five years after Studio MDHR released Cuphead in 2017, Netflix is bringing the video game to life for Netflix as an animated series. The show was first confirmed last year as part of the popular streaming platform's deep dive into video game shows. Now, Netflix finally has a trailer to show for The Cuphead Show! and it's just as zany and bonkers as you might expect.

It appears that The Cuphead Show! will be arriving on Netflix sooner than expected.

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Cuphead was one of the biggest video game surprises last decade. The run-and-gun video game attracted attention for its retro-style animation that paid homage to classic cartoons. However, Cuphead's aesthetics belied its insane difficulty, with some comparing it to notoriously challenging video games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But, for The Cuphead Show!, fans won't be ripping their hair out of frustration.

From what we know so far, The Cuphead Show! will feature the titular Cuphead alongside his brother, Mugman. The trailer does a great job of bringing to life the game's retro-style animation, and with 12 episodes running about 12 minutes each, the character-driven comedy series should offer up plenty of laughs for everyone, including those who weren't such a huge fan of Cuphead's penchant for making you feel like you had no business picking up a controller.

Video game adaptations are getting a new lease in life. Once thought of as a waste of money, several video game shows, and movies have been released in recent years, with more potentially coming this year and beyond. In addition to Cuphead, which will premiere on Netflix on February 18, fans can also look forward to watching Tom Holland's Uncharted in theaters on the same date. There's also Eli Roth's Borderlands as well as Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which was revealed at The Game Awards 2021, among several others.

Unfortunately, most of what we've already mentioned and others are still quite a ways away. Until then, gamers can keep themselves busy with The Cuphead Show! Even though video game adaptations are always a mixed bag, something tells us that The Cuphead Show! will do its source material justice.

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