The Coalition unveils job listing for future Gears of War title

The Coalition needs a senior gameplay designer for its upcoming Gears of War video game, which may or may not be a new installment.

Canadian video game developer The Coalition is currently hiring a Senior Gameplay Designer for an unannounced Gears of War title.

A recent job listing suggests that The Coalition is working on an unannounced Gears of War title.

The Microsoft first-party development studio revealed the opening earlier this week, where it outlined its aim to "forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices."

The Coalition requires a "skilled and experienced gameplay designer to help create AAA game experiences" and requested for candidates with know-how in artificial knowledge (AI) systems or Character, Camera, and Controls (3Cs) as well as experience in "owning large scale features and guiding them from initial concept through to polish and completion," among others.

Gears of War is a third-person shooter video game created by Epic Games, who developed three mainline titles before The Coalition took over when Microsoft acquired the IP in 2014. However, since the acquisition, The Coalition has only launched only two mainline titles in the series, Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 – and two spin-offs – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Gears Tactics. Given that the last release in the series came in 2020, fans will be highly excited that the company is finally working on bringing the action-adventure video game back to their screens.

Netflix is adapting the popular video game into a feature film and an animated series.

By the way, the listing doesn’t confirm whether or not the potential Gears of War will be a proper sequel – Gears of War 6 – or a spinoff like 2020’s Gears Tactics. Apart from these two, it is also possible that the forthcoming title is simply a Gears of War Remastered Collection, which has been rumored to be in development for some time now.

As a result, fans should keep their fingers crossed and wait for more details to confirm what The Coalition has in store.

In other news, Netflix landed the rights to the Gears of War game series late last year. The streamer plans to adapt it into a feature film as well as an animated series. Former wrestler and current movie industry favorite Dave Bautista enthusiastically expressed his interest in starring as Marcus Michael Fenix in the film adaptation.

Also, recent reports suggest that The Coalition was hit by recent layoffs at Microsoft and it's now fully focused on Gears of War 6. However, given that the developer has yet to release official details, this update remains mere speculation.

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