Is Amazon working on a 'The Boys' video game?

From underrated comic books to a highly acclaimed TV show, it looks like The Boys is planning to conquer the gaming space next.

Amazon's comic book superhero series turned TV show, The Boys, has been a huge hit so far. Throughout two seasons, we've discovered a radical take on a superhero team that operates more like a for-profit organization instead of one that's actually dedicated to saving lives.

The Boys Video Game
With The Boys universe growing, the people behind the hit TV show is teasing a video game adaptation.

With superhero video games en vogue, it seems like Amazon is trying to get in all the action with a video game adaptation of The Boys.

From comic books to the small screen

It takes a special set of people to bring The Boys comic book series to real-life. So far, the team behind The Boys TV show has done a masterful job at translating everything from the comics to the TV screen. However, in just a single tweet, Amazon has sent fans of The Boys TV show into a frenzy as it teased a potential video game.

Of course, the Tweet is not, by any means, a confirmation. It could merely be an attempt to generate conversations. Not that this possibility has stopped the internet from speculating about what a video game adaptation of The Boys would be like.

Fans went on to suggest everything from a GTA-like game to a versus fighting game made in the same vein as the Injustice series, which, by the way, is getting its own animated adaptation.

The Boys Video Game
Season 3 of The Boys is set to premiere in early 2022.

Whether or not this is confirmation that a The Boys video game is in the works, it doesn't take an expert to tell that such a project makes sense. Season 3 of The Boys TV show was green-lit even before the premiere of season 2. The expected success of season 3, which is scheduled to premiere in 2022, should leave fans begging even more for a video game adaptation.

Speaking of begging, Amazon has wasted no time in expanding The Boys franchise while its popularity is at its peak. Back in Season 2, Amazon gave The Boys an after-show, which was hosted by Aisha Tyler. In addition to this, Amazon ordered a G-Men college spin-off for The Boys, which has been described as a combination of a high school drama and Hunger games.

With The Boys universe growing by the minute, it certainly makes a lot of sense for Amazon to explore the possibility of a video game adaptation, especially as Amazon Games Studio starts expanding.

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