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The Boys' Season 4 has officially started filming

Hopefully, we won't have to wait for a long time to find out what's going on in the world of The Boys.

The Boys has completely changed things from its source material, and arguably, for the better.
The Boys has completely changed things from its source material, and arguably, for the better.

Eric Kripke's The Boys is one of the most popular live-action shows today. The Prime Video series has earned far more critical acclaim than its counterparts despite its penchant for sometimes overly-gross adult content. Audiences can't seem to stop talking about the flagship show. Unfortunately, The Boys' season 3's ending earlier this year left fans wanting more. The worst part is that fans have little to no clue when to expect the next season.

The good news is that Season 4 has started filming. A release date is still likely a ways away, but we'll at least get more details about the upcoming season.

The Boys' showrunner effectively confirmed that Season 4 has started production after he posted a photo of himself in Toronto. Not to mention, Kripke's on-the-nose caption, "Oi", leaves zero doubt that Kripke's about to get to work.

If anything, this was all but expected. Karl Urban, who portrays The Boys' leader, William "Billy" Butcher, revealed that work on Season 4 will start this month. Kripke's photo also arrives soon after we saw lead actors, Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, and Chace Crawford, The Deep, post a photo traveling together. Keep an eye out on the social media accounts of the other cast members if you want further proof.

Seeing as The Boys has already deviated from the source material, no one really knows what to expect from the show anymore. Heading into Season 4, here are some of the things that we know:

  • Cameron Crovetti is now a series regular. This hints at a much larger role for the Ryan Butcher actor in Season 4.
  • Hughie Campbell's Jack Quaid and Billy Butcher appear to have their powers permanently now.
  • Erin Moriarty's Starlight has officially left The Seven.
  • Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy is still alive somewhere out there.
  • We haven't seen the last of Dominique McElligott's Queen Maeve.

If filming goes smoothly, we can expect to see The Boys Season 4 arrive by late 2023. This should give The Boys: Gen V some time in the spotlight, similar to what happened with The Boys Presents: Diabolical earlier this year.

The Boys' Season 4 Has Officially Started Filming
We're hoping to see more of The Boys sooner rather than later even if it's just a spin-off.

Speaking of The Boys, Kripke recently voiced his approval for a Hideo Kojima game based on the series. This comes after the Metal Gear auteur revealed that he'd originally had plans for a game similar to The Boys that ultimately went unrealized.

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