Karl Urban expects The Boys Season 4 to start filming this year

Karl Urban mentioned at the SXSW film festival that he's expecting production on The Boys Season 4 to kick off before the year ends.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, The Boys is coming back on Amazon Prime Video for its third season later this year. But, with a fourth season all but confirmed already, fans can't help but wonder if they won't be waiting for as long for Season 4. Although we still have no idea when The Boys' fourth season will hit Amazon Prime Video, we might know when it's going to start filming.

The Boys Season Filming
Fans will be incredibly disappointed if The Boys Season 4 doesn't start filming in late 2022.

Karl Urban, who plays the former CIA operative turned vigilante and leader of The Boys, Billy Butcher, mentioned at the SXSW Film Festival (via Variety) that he'll be "shooting The Boys through the end of the year." He added that his upcoming schedule will also include the Star Trek 4 movie, which is also slated to start production later this year. Considering that Amazon hasn't officially greenlit The Boys Season 4 yet, it is interesting that it is already included in his overall schedule.

As we've already mentioned, The Boys' fourth season is all a matter of when and not if. Despite the lack of confirmation, the superhero drama series is a fan favorite. With the eight-episode Season 3 set to kick off on June 3, a spin-off starring college kids officially in development, and a treasure trove of source material still available, there's no reason for The Boys to end anytime soon.

The Boys Season Start Filming This Year
The Boys has already started deviating from its source material, so fans shouldn't expect the show to end quite the same way as the comic books.

Amazon Prime Video defied all odds with the premiere of The Boys in 2019. The superhero film series stands out among others due to its willingness to push the boundaries of what's expected from similar shows. Whereas others are careful to step over the lines of violence, gore, and casting superpowered beings in a bad light, The Boys revels in the dark and gritty side of what was previously considered a pristine world.

In the meantime, fans can keep themselves busy by watching The Boys: Diabolical. The animated spin-off is considered canon to the live-action series, with events that potentially have serious implications in the future. Also, Amazon just dropped a very NSFW trailer for The Boys Season 3, which features a visibly agitated Homelander trying his hardest to compose himself and a Billy Butcher with superpowers.

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