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The Boys season 4 set photos teases Black Noir's return

Newly released photos from the set of the upcoming season of The Boys teases Black Noir’s return.

The Boys Black Noir
Black Noir was Homelander's staunchest ally until he gruesomely murdered him for keeping something away from him.

Photos, from the set of The Boys that tease the return of Black Noir for the fourth season, have been leaked on Twitter.

In the last season, fans witnessed the gruesome killing of Nathan Mitchell’s Black Noir at the hands of Antony Starr's Homelander, one of the greatest villains to ever grace television. However, it seems the character will be making a return in some way, although his exact role is undetermined at this point.

The leaked set photo shows the Black Noir character in the midst of other superheroes from the series, including A-Train and The Deep, as well as newcomers Firecracker and Sage. Also, Homelander’s son, Ryan, was among the cast members assembled at the location. It still isn't clear if this means that he's joined the group as its newest member.

The Boys Black Noir
The set photos suggest the character will be back soon.

Ever since its debut, The Boys show has seen the death of numerous superheroes, including Stormfront, Blue Hawk, Lamplighter, Supersonic, Translucent, and Black Noir. Black Noir will be one of the first supes in the show to make a return despite being killed.

The character’s sighting was not a surprise. Earlier in the year, showrunner Eric Kripke stated that the character might make a return to the show, alongside Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy. All three supes had grueling experiences in the show’s third season. However, things seemed to end well for Queen Maeve and her wish to live a normal life was fulfilled.

Given the leaked photos, it appears Black Noir may be back sooner than the other supes. Nevertheless, fans should not expect to have the same person beneath the mask. While Kripke revealed that it is not the last we have seen of Black Noir, he went ahead to add "It's just that the guy who was inside [the Noir suit] in season 3, he's gone." In other words, while Mitchell might reprise his role, it might be as an entirely different person.

The Boys Season Set Photos Teases Black Noirs Return
Black Noir's return means that the original comic book storyline featuring his character might still happen in the live-action adaptation.

Black Noir is a character that has been portrayed as invincible throughout the three seasons of the show. Hence, it will be easy to somehow justify him surviving the gruesome wounds that he suffered from Homelander. What’s more? Kripke said, "A character who is completely silent and in a black mask can be recast." He also said that this new character would assume the moniker of Black Noir following the original character’s death.

Given these comments, fans can only speculate as to what the character’s role is.

Speaking of new characters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined The Boys as a recurring guest. However, the platform is keeping details of his involvement a secret. Giancarlo Esposito's Stan Edgar is coming back next season as well.

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