The Boys Season 3 will introduce a new superheroine named Moonshadow

Moonshadow will be part of the world of The Boys in Season 3, as revealed by the latest Seven on 7 episode on the Vought News Network.

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman is a fictional news program set within the world of The Boys. It's part of a series of promos that Amazon Prime Video has released ahead of the Season 3 premiere of its award-winning superhero TV series (whenever that may be).

The Boys Season Will Introduce Moonshadow
The latest Seven on 7 edition gives audiences a much-needed update on what's happening in the world of The Boys right now.

These six-minute newscasts usually offer a glimpse of what fans can expect from Season 3 of The Boys. For example, a previous edition revealed that a former Starlight lover is going to make an appearance in Season 3. Now, for its latest edition, Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman introduced a new supe set to join the crew.

What kind of role will Moonshadow have in The Boys Season 3?

The Boys Season Will Introduce Moonshadow
The number of supers appearing in Season 3 of The Boys just keeps on growing.

Coleman describes Moonshadow as a "west coast, senses-shattering bombshell" that will reportedly appear on the cover of Vought Sports' annual swimsuit issue, another fictional line of magazines set within the world of The Boys. Coleman adds that Moonshadow "continues to take charge with a body-positive persona" and that her popularity continues to grow as the "crime rate keeps going down" in San Diego.

Unfortunately, the latest Seven on 7 edition does not reveal much about who Moonshadow is and her impact on Season 3. However, her arrival is a sign that the superhero lineup in The Boys Season 3 is going to be much larger and expansive than before.

In addition to Moonshadow and Supersonic, Starlight's ex-lover, Season 3 of The Boys will also see Soldier Boy join the foray. The satirical TV show's version of Captain America will be played by Supernatural alum, Jensen Ackles, as he reunites with Eric Kripke.

Speaking of, Kripke provided an update on The Boys Season 3 back in July. Unfortunately, despite explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the production of the upcoming season of The Boys, Kripke did not mention a release window let alone a specific release date.

With that said, fans can look forward to future content updates via Seven on 7 and still get down to this laughably obnoxious music video by A-Train.

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