The Boys Season 3 teaser trailer reveals former Starlight lover

It will be interesting to see how the emergence of Starlight's ex-boyfriend will affect her relationship with Hughie.

The Boys is not your typical comic book movie adaptation. For one, it's not a movie. The story is told through multiple episodes that span two seasons so far. Due to the success of the first two seasons, a third will arrive shortly, with a spin-off series also in development.

The Boys Season Teaser Trailer Reveals Former Starlight Lover
Only time will tell if Supersonic's return to the spotlight will affect Starlight's relationship with Hughie.

The comic book TV adaptation also subverts expectations by showing us what happens if the heroes protecting us and supposedly saving the world are controlled by big capitalist businesses that seek to make a profit at every turn.

Ever since the first season aired back in 2019, the Amazon Prime series has been one of the most talked-about shows globally. Naturally, fans are looking forward to seeing the third season.

With that said, Amazon has done a great job at hyping The Boys Season 3 by releasing "news stories" every month.

The appropriately titled "Seven on 7" are a series of videos that are released on the 7th day of every month and that act as meta-trailers of sorts that help tease the upcoming season.

In the latest story, Vought News Network introduces a new character that has close ties to Starlight.

Say hello to Supersonic

Supersonic is the new character introduced in the latest Vought News Network trailer. He was formerly known as Drummer Boy years ago when he served as the co-leader of the Young Americans along with Starlight.

As it turns out, the two weren't just co-leaders. They apparently had a romantic relationship that did not end well. It appears that Season 3 will explore Supersonic's relationship with Starlight and the expected lingering tension after the two broke up once Starlight found out that Drummer Boy had slept with other members of the Young Americans.

Of course, this isn't a guarantee that The Boys Season 3 will stick to the same story from the comics. Amazon Prime might deviate and tell a different tale. Either way, we can only know for sure once the third season premieres.

The Boys Season Teaser Trailer Reveals Former Starlight Lover
Hughes and Starlight's relationship definitely isn't going to go smooth sailing in Season 3.

As for when that will happen, there's no word of that yet. Some are speculating that we'll get to see Supersonic, along with the other new characters, in late 2021. However, Amazon has yet to confirm this.

Speaking of Supersonic, his re-emergence as the ideal for "what people really want from a hero" should put a damper on Starlight and Huey's relationship. The two were hinted to have gotten back together by the end of Season 2.

In addition to SuperSonic, the latest teaser trailer for The Boys Season 3 also expanded on the plot threads left hanging by the end of Season 2. This includes The Deep's campaign against The Church of the Collective and A-Train coming out of retirement to rejoin the Seven.

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