The Boys Season 3 has officially finished filming

According to Karl Urban, the upcoming third season of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has wrapped up filming.

Season 2 of The Boys premiered last September of 2020. Since then, we haven't heard about a premiere date for Season 3 of The Boys. However, if Karl Urban is to be believed, then it's only a matter of time before the upcoming season of Amazon Prime Video's hit superhero parody launches. This comes after he announced that the third season just wrapped up filming.

The Boys Season Has Finished Filming
The latest update on The Boys comes from none other than the man behind the charismatic Billy Butcher.

When is The Boys Season 3 going to premiere?

The Boys Season Has Finished Filming
Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman is a fictional web series on the Vought News Network that provides updates on the world of The Boys.

Shooting and production of Season Three of The Boys officially began in February. A little over half a year later, it appears that it is finally ready to move on to the next step. Karl Urban, who portrays the brash and controversial leader of the titular group of vigilantes, posted the announcement on Instagram where he described Season 3 as "next level bat shit crazy".

Unfortunately, Urban didn't exactly say when the next season is going to premiere. Then again, he probably doesn't have any control over it. Besides, even if the season has finished filming, there's still post-production work left. The good news is that we can probably start looking forward to an announcement soon.

Here's hoping that Amazon Prime Video does come out and confirm the launch of the third season of The Boys shortly. You can't exactly blame fans who are looking forward to it with immense anticipation - the series recently received six Emmy Awards nominations, which the series showrunner, Eric Kripke, revealed that the cast was more than thankful for.

Another thing that's got fans hyped for The Boys Season 3 is the introduction of new superheroes. Among the list actors set to join Season 3 include Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, Sean Patrick Flannery, Laurie Holden, as well as Miles Gaston Villanueva, and Moonshadow.

If we were to hazard a guess, Amazon Prime Video will post an update about next season via some meta promotion using Vought News Network's Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman.

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