The Boys' A-Train just dropped a sick music video as fans wait for Season 3

A-Train's music video is the latest proof of how well Amazon Prime Video's PR team are doing their job with The Boys.

Amazon Prime Video has done a mighty fine job of building the world depicted in its smash hit The Boys. In addition to two award-winning seasons, Amazon Prime has released "additional content" to help audiences get to know the world that The Boys live in.

One can argue that A-train is the reason why the events of The Boys kick off.

With Vought's record label, Amazon Prime is giving fans a chance to jam out with members of The Seven.

After Starlight's turn to dazzle and wow audiences with her music career, it's now the ultra-fast superhero A-Train's chance to spit some rhymes and tide fans over as everyone waits impatiently for Season 3 to arrive.

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A-Train releases a surprisingly catchy rap track

The Seven's resident speedster's new single is a bit too obvious. At the same time, Faster is an excellent piece of satirical content that parodies how today's pop music works. It doesn't take an expert to tell what everything in the music video represents.

All the flashing lights, pretty girls, as well as the fancy car, mirrors how today's songs put catchy beats and rhymes over lyrical quality, all in an attempt to generate as much clout as possible.

With that said, A-Train's music video is just the latest attempt by Amazon Prime at world-building.

A few weeks ago, Amazon Prime released news broadcasts that gave audiences an update on what The Boys have been up to lately. Before this, the series' showrunner, Eric Kripke, provided an update on Season 3, although nothing we've heard from official sources so far confirms when Season 3 will arrive.

It'll be interesting to see what Amazon Prime comes up next after the A-Train music video.

Speaking of, when Season 3 is here, it's definitely going to be worth the wait. Among other things, it will see the debut of Jensen Ackles as The Boys' take on Marvel's Captain America, Soldier Boy.

Of course, if we're being honest here, no amount of teasing and world-building will beat actual news of when Season 3 will arrive. At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if Amazon Prime decides to drop Season 3 in 2022. The recent surge in COVID-19 cases might be causing or have caused production issues, which explains the lack of news about a Season 3 premiere date.

Either way, all we can do for now is to keep on playing A-Train's Faster on loop, in the hopes that it will make Season 3 come, well, a bit faster.

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