The Best Ways to Customize Your PS5

Ever since Sony dropped an official PS5 teardown video, we learned that the side plates are easily removable. You don't need any screwdrivers or proprietary tools to take-off the side plates, they simply snap into place.

The Best Ways To Customize Your Ps5

The removable faceplates gave rise to a ton of theories and ideas for customising your PS5. Now that Sony's latest console is out in the wild, though it is pretty rare right now, custom PS5s are popping around the globe. Today, we're going over the best ways to customize your PS5.

1. Paint it Yourself

Custom painting your PS5's faceplate is by far the easiest DIY way to customize your PS5. Thanks to a matte texture on the console, you don't need to sand it down in order for the paint to stay. However, a coat of primer may help increase the longevity of the paint job though it's not necessary.

If you're down to painting your PS5 yourself, make sure to remove the faceplates before your paint. If you're looking for a solid colour, then spray paint is your best friend. You can even add some subtle designs and cuts with the help of duct tape.

However, if you're into more intricate designs, then make sure you have a steady hand before you get down to painting. Below is a still from Callum Warren Art's PS5 painting tutorial. The whole process started with spray painting the bottom half with solid orange and then hand-painting everything else.

The Best Ways To Customize Your Ps5
Callum Warren Art's Handpainted PS5

While the possibilities of customizing your PS5 by painting it are virtually endless, the downside is that you're stuck with that design for the remainder of your console's life. Plus, not to mention the fact that your paint job will negatively affect the console's resale value.

2. Stickers

Stickers are by far the easiest way to customize your PS5 or any gadget for that matter. They don't need the precision of paint or skin and once you're bored with it, you can simply peel it off without any residue.

If you're feeling creative, you can complement the stickers with a custom paint job. Below is a still of Dave 2D's custom PS5. The faceplates have been spray-painted with a solid red and a custom, white spider sticker has been stuck on the top to make it a Spider-Man themed PS5.

The Best Ways To Customize Your Ps5
Dave 2D's Custom Spider-Man PS5

The paint + sticker works particularly fine with superhero-themed customization jobs. All you need to do is spray paint the faceplate with the base colour of the hero's theme and then paste a sticker of their logo on top.

3. Plates

Since the plates are removable, it's an obvious point that they are interchangeable. Custom faceplates are the easiest ways to customize your PS5 and, given that professional designers will be hired to design them, you don't need to exercise your creative muscles to make your PS5 look unique.

But the problem is that Sony's legal department has claimed that PS5's faceplates are Sony's intellectual property, and anyone found reproducing them will find themselves in legal trouble. In fact, CustomizeMyPlates, a British company based on Oxford, was sued by Sony for selling PS5 faceplates until they were contacted by Sony's legal team. Consequently, they had to cancel and refund all the orders. Now, they're simply selling PS5 skins.

However, the messiah of custom skins, dbrand, is on to making custom PS5 faceplates. They seem to have found a loophole in Sony's policy and now, they're challenging Sony to sue them.

Dbrand's custom matte black plate is coming out in 2021, and once it's out, I'm sure a plethora of other designs and knock-offs from local brands will follow thereafter.

4. Skins

Skins have been, historically speaking, the most quotidian way to customize your gadgets. PS5 is no different. A huge selection of PS5 skins are already out in the market, and more will eventually follow. Some sellers even allow you to make custom skins, so you can sleep with ease knowing that there isn't a second copy of your PS5 out in the world.

CustomPS5 Skin from CustomizeMyPlates
Custom PS5 Skin from CustomizeMyPlates

The only imaginable drawback is that you need umpteen precision to apply the skin perfectly. Unlike it's Xbox Rival which is quite boxy, PS5 is a curvy console flowing all over the place. So applying a skin will take some time and precision.

How to Customize the DualSense Controller?

You can customize PS5's DualSense controller, but your options are pretty limited as compared to the console itself. The best part about it is the fact that you can easily remove the black front plate of the controller without any tools. So you can paint it a solid colour to match your console's aesthetic.

The Best Ways To Customize Your Ps5
You can easily remove the black front plate of the controller without any tools

Unfortunately, taking apart the rest of the controller is not so easy unless you are a technician. So we'll suggest you leave it as is.

If painting is not for you, then you can always resort to DualSense skins.

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