The best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the strongest spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy for both early and late-game.

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to build your character however you want, within certain game limitations. If you're looking for powerful spell combos, you can do that, but if you're more of a dark wizard one-shot player, you can also do that.

In this guide, we show you the most powerful Hogwarts Legacy builds you can use to clear both early, mid, and end-game content with a breeze. Before you proceed with this guide, we highly recommend checking out our guide on how to get legendary gear and tier III traits. To maximize your damage, you should always aim for legendary gear character level 30+.

However, even lower-rarity gear and traits would work fine if you're still early in the game. We also recommended checking out our Herbology guide, as the potions in this game can drastically amplify your damage. Here are our strongest builds for Hogwarts Legacy.

Incendio Combo

Incendio is the strongest damaging spell in Hogwarts Legacy, and if you combine it with a proper set of other spell combos, it can deal massive damage. The only downside of Incendio is that it concentrates on close-range combat scenarios.

You might need to put in some setup spells like Acio to pull the characters closer to you or use control spells like Arresto Momentum or Levioso to hold enemies in place before you can dash to them and cast a spell.

The best spells to slot in for this would be Acio, Descendo, Glacius, and Incendio. We start the combo with Acio and then use Descendo once the enemy is in the air, thanks to Acio. Slamming them down will deal a lot of damage. Once slammed, they will still bounce back in the air for a few seconds.

You can use this opportunity to apply Glacius, which will freeze the enemy in place, and follow up with Incendio for a massive damage boost.

Acio, Descendo, Glacius, and Incendio to finish them off.

If you use damage spells like Confringo, Bombarda, Incendio, etc., after applying Glacius, the damage of those spells is amplified ten fold. This spell combo is extremely useful for enemies that shoot at you from range and difficult-to-reach elevated surfaces. You can increase your damage even further by drinking the Maxima potion.

Full Incendio combo.


The main talents that you need to focus on for this spell set are:

  • Incendio Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Acio Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Descendio Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 16 required).
  • Glacius Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 16 required).

Note that if you're still not level 16, you can allocate your skill points to Incendio and Acio, and the combo will work just fine.

But when you reach a higher level, it is recommended that you get the Descendo Mastery and Glacius Mastery.


If you don't have legendary (orange) gear, you can have extraordinary (purple) gear and weave tier II traits. However, we highly recommend farming for legendary gear mid to late-game and weaving in tier III traits to maximize your damage.

Apply SCORCHING III on all your gear pieces to stack the maximum damage possible.

Your main damage-dealing spell here is Incendio, so we will weave the SCORCHING III trait on all gear pieces. One SCORCHING III trait significantly increases your damage output. And luckily, the traits stack. So if you have SCORCHING III on all gear pieces, your Incendio will deal a lot of damage, to the point where it will one-shot enemies.

Diffindo Combo

Diffindo is the second strongest damaging spell after Incendio. Fortunately, if you're not a fan of close-ranged combat with Incendio, Diffindo fixes that issue for you. Diffindo is a highly damaging slash that finishes off opponents instantly if you use it in the right combos.

For this one, you will need Flipendo, Expelliarmus, Glacius, and Diffindo. Flipendo flips and lifts the enemy into the air. Now, you can use Descendo instead of Expelliarmus to slam the enemy down and follow it with Glacius and Diffindo. However, Expelliarmus has two beneficial features you can take advantage of early on.

You need to slot Flipendo, Expalliarmus, Glacius, and Diffindo in order of use.

The first advantage of Expelliarmus is that it allows you to disarm enemies and use their weapons against them. For example, axe-wielding goblins can be disarmed, and their axe can be thrown at them, resulting in critical damage. The second advantage comes from unlocking the Disarming Curse talent in the Dark Arts talent category. This will allow you to disarm, damage, and curse enemies. Cursing enemies result in them taking increased damage.

This is a great way of getting the cursed effect early on without completing the Sebastian storyline mid-game to access the cursed spell called Crucio. You can get the Disarming Curse as early as level 5. You can also get a Knockback Curse that allows you to curse enemies using Flipendo. You can choose to save your skill points by getting either one of these. It is best to get the Knockback curse, as you will always start the combo with Flipendo. This will curse the enemy at the beginning of your combo, allowing the rest of the spells to do increased damage.

Full Diffindo combo.

So the ideal combo for this spell set would be to start with Flipendo, then Expelliarmus, Glacius, and then Diffindo. This spell combo is also really good since it has three different colors (red, purple, and yellow), making it very useful when dealing with shielded enemies. You have three of the four colors at your disposal to break same-colored shields during combat.

The Diffindo combo also excels against Trolls, sometimes instantly killing them. When a Troll attacks you, you can dodge and counter it with Flipendo. This will cause it to hit itself with its own club resulting in it getting stunned. This is its weakened state.

When the Troll is stunned, follow up with the combo, and the Troll will be obliterated.


We've already talked about most of the talents you need, but here is a quick summary.

  • Knockback Curse in Dark Arts Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Disarming Curse in Dark Arts Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Diffindo Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Glacius Mastery in Spell Talents (Level 16 required).
Cursed enemies take increased damage so getting one of the masteries help deal a lot more damage.


There are two traits you can go with. You can either go with the CONCENTRATION III trait on all gear pieces or the LACERATION III trait on all gear pieces. CONCENTRATION III trait increases the damage of all spells. The CONCENTRATION III accentuates combos more than a single spell. LACERATION III significantly increases the damage of the Diffindo spell.

You can also try weaving three CONCENTRATION III and three LACERATION III slots.

Ultimately, there are no wrong choices here. Both of these traits are amazing and increase the damage significantly. We recommend using the LACERATION III trait on all your legendary gear pieces.

Dark Wizard

As the name suggests, the Dark Wizard is the most powerful build in Hogwarts Legacy and utilizes unforgivable curses like Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio. This build is meant for the late game, as you cannot access the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra) until the very end of the game.

The first step is to get all the unforgivable curses by completing a series of side-quests from Sebastian Sallows of house Slytherin. You can check out our complete in-depth guide on how to get all three unforgivable curses with all the relevant puzzle solutions.

The combo of the Dark Wizard spell set is not as complicated. There's not much, as you pretty much kill everything in one shot. There's a reason for this spell to be locked behind progression. The combo involves casting Crucio on an enemy with a lot of health and then hitting it with a normal attack a couple of times. Hitting that cursed enemy will shoot out projectiles that will hit other enemies in the area and curse them too. You can mark up to five enemies with this technique. It is possible once you unlock the Crucio Mastery in the Dark Arts Talent category.

Crucio and Avada Kedavra are the main unforgivable curses used in this build.

Once the surrounding enemies are cursed as well. Hit any one of the enemies with the infamous Avada Kedavra, and all the cursed enemies will die instantly. To do this, you will need to spend a point on Avada Kedavra Mastery in Dark Arts Talents. You can also use Imperio to control one of the strongest foes in the area to deal a lot of damage to other enemies. You ideally want to cast Imperio on larger enemies like Trolls and Giant Spiders.

If you unlock the Imperio Mastery from the Dark Arts Talent category, your controlled enemies will also curse other enemies whenever they hit them. Once again, Blood Curse is a useful talent to have as it will further increase the damage all cursed enemies will take. However, it is unnecessary, as your Avada Kedavra will one-shot multiple enemies anyway.

Killing multiple cursed enemies using Avada Kedavra.

The fourth spell used in this combo is entirely up to you. It is a flex spot, so you can get creative with it. We recommend getting the Transformation spell as the fourth one. It transforms your enemy into a barrel. If you unlock its Transformation Mastery from the Spells Talent category, your enemies will turn into explosive barrels.

You can throw these explosive barrels into other enemies to deal massive damage, killing both the transformed enemy and the enemies who come in contact with the explosion.

Also, consider brewing Focus potions, as the refresh time on these spells is much longer than the others. Especially Avada Kedavra. It would be highly useful to invest a skill point in the Enduring Curse in Dark Arts Talents, as it will increase the duration of Crucio curse on enemies. They will be cursed for a longer period of time.


  • Blood Curse in Dark Arts Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Enduring Curse in Dark Arts Talents (Level 16 required).
  • Crucio Mastery in Dark Arts Talents (Level 16 required).
  • Avada Kedavra Mastery in Dark Arts Talents (Level 22 required).


For this build, you must weave the UNFORGIVABLE III trait on all six gear pieces. This trait greatly increases damage dealt to cursed enemies.

If you stack it, the amount of damage you deal to the cursed enemies with just your normal attacks will be huge.

Herbology Build

The Herbology build is a unique and extremely overpowered build in which your character doesn't even need to do anything. All the hard work will be done by your offensive plants, such as the Venemous Tenatcula, Mandrake, and the Chinese Chomping Cabbage.

It would be best to have a good plant pot setup in your Room of Requirement to ensure you have a steady supply of plants. The initial setup is a lot of work, but once you have it all set up, you will never have any issues. It would be best to check out our complete Herbology guide to understand Herbology and how you can set it up in your Room of Requirement.

Room of Requirement with a proper plant pot setup.

The build comprises Mandrakes, Chinese Chopping Cabbage, and the Venomous Tentacula. The Mandrake is great for stunning, damaging, and breaking enemy shields. The Chinese Chopping Cabbage deals great damage to enemies. And the Venomous Tentacula shoots poison at the enemy, dealing damage and breaking their shield.

You can grow all these plants in your Room of Requirement.

You can throw them all down and just watch them mow down your enemies. The Chinese Chopping Cabbage is especially useful against single targets like Trolls and Giant Spiders. The Fertiliser talent allows you to drop an extra Chinese Chomping Cabbage. So two Cabbages will drop when you throw one down. You can throw up to six at once. The Headache increases the damage and duration of the Mandrake stun effect. Finally, the Noxious talent increases the poison damage from the Venomous Tentacula and enables them to break shields.

The HERBOLOGY III trait makes all plants so strong that we didn't even need to use the Venomous Tentacula here.


There are three main talents you need from the Room of Requirement for the offensive plants to be strong.

  • Fertiliser in Room of Requirement Talents (Level 5 required).
  • Headache in Room of Requirement Talents (Level 16 required).
  • Noxious in Room of Requirement Talents (Level 22 required).
If you're not worried about potions, the three skills on the far-right side of the category are all you need.


The only trait you need is the HERBOLOGY III trait. You must weave this trait in all six gear pieces to maximize the damage potential of your plants.

Similar to the other traits, Herbology III can also be found by looting bandit camps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best spell combo in Hogwarts Legacy?

Either of: Accio + Incendio, Levioso + Depulso, or Glacius + Confringo.

How to do spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy?

To execute spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy you must cast two or more spells in a particular sequence and timing. You can acquire the knowledge to perform spell combinations by finishing the "Spell Combination Practice" side quests, available at Crossed Wands.

What is the most powerful spell in Hogwarts Legacy?

In order from most powerful, these are considered the most powerful spells in Hogwarts Legacy: Avada Kedavra, Petrificus Totalus, Confringo, and Transformation.

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