The Best Path Borders in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is all about customizing your Island and making it uniquely yours. Thanks to an active community, you have all the designs you need to morph your island into your wonderland.

Paths are a fantastic way to differentiate the different parts of your island. Sadly though, you can only have 50 designs at once in Animal Crossing New Horizons and those slots fill up fast. Why do you hate us Nintendo?!

Fortunately, there’s a workaround to help you save space and spruce up your Island at the same time. We’re talking about path borders.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best path borders in Animal Crossing New Horizons that suit almost all of the common paths. Most of these path borders will take up about eight slots in your design tray, four for side and four for the corners. There are a few that take up just one slot, but they don’t feature corners.

How to Add Custom Path Borders?

There are two ways to import other players’ custom designs to your Switch.

1. Importing with QR Codes 

In order to import designs with QR Codes, you’ll need the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Android or iOS phone. You’ll also need to pair the Nintendo Switch Online app with Nook Link on your Switch. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to get custom designs from QR code.

  • Open the Nintendo Switch Online app and press Animal Crossing: New Horizons button under game-specific services.
  • Click on ‘Designs’ and then ‘Scan a QR Code’
  • If it’s the first time you’re scanning a QR code in the Switch Online App, the app will ask permission to use the camera.
  • Grant the permissions and scan the QR codes of the designs you want.
  • The scanned designs will appear in the app. Hit save!
  • Now hop on over to your Switch and access NookPhone.
  • Tap on the Custom Designs app.
  • Here you’ll find all the saved path borders or any design for that matter.
  • Download the pattern and a lot it to an open slot.

2. Importing with Design ID or Creator ID

You can also import custom designs via Design ID or Creator ID. These IDs are often posted along with the designs on Twitter or Reddit. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to unlock the Able Sisters in order to import designs via Design ID or Creator ID. Furthermore, you’ll also need an internet connection to search for designs.

  • Interact with the pink Kiosk at the back of the Able Sisters clothing store.
  • Here, you’ll have the option to either search for a Design ID or a Creator ID.
  • Enter the ID that you’re looking for and hit confirm.
  • Nintendo will search for the code and match it with IDs on the server. When you find the design you were looking for, click save and close.
  • Assign the newly downloaded pattern to an open slot and you’re all ready to roll.

Now that you know how to import custom path borders to Animal Crossing New Horizons, let’s pimp up your island. We’ll start off with some of the more subtle borders that go along with almost any path and then head down the niche path.

Our Top 11 Picks for the Best Path Borders

1. First up, we have a rather vanilla brick border that is likely to go along with almost any path, be it concrete, mud, or anything in between.

2. Up next, we’ve got a set of concrete bricks. These borders set the perfect tone for an urban island if that’s your poison. But they won’t fit with a more rustic tone.

3. If you’re aiming for a laid back, suburb look for your island, then you’d like a piece of this ‘not very aligned’ bricks.

4. These stone edges are perfect the off-beaten paths of your island. They don’t look as obtrusive as bricks but still distinguish the path from its surroundings.

5. This is the perfect time to spruce-up your island with autumn colours, and this autumn border does the perfect job of setting the tone.

6.  Here’s another one for the nature lovers, a floral brick border. The best thing about this border is the fact that it can be used for both urban as well as rural outlooks. Also, this is essential if you’re modelling you’re your island after the Shire from the Hobbit. 

7. Looking for the perfect border for your gardens here’s a baby grass path littered with small lovely flowers that radiate happiness.

8. Okay, now we’re diving into the more niche section. Remember those colourful borders of your favourite childhood playground? Well, now you can relive those happy memories in Animal Crossing with this colourful kid core border.

9. Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground, that’s what my old man used to say. But you can set your feet on the stars with this starry border pack.

10. Once the Autumn fever is over, prepare for Christmas on your Animal Crossing Island with this Christmas lights border end.

11. And once the winter is over, it’s time to prepare for the spring and welcome the Earthy smell with this flowery path border.

How to Find More Patterns?

While we have listed a healthy selection of path borders today, they won’t suit every reader’s island. On top of that, with tons of new designs coming out every day, the Animal Crossing community is progressing faster than modern fashion!

Twitter is a fine place to find up to date path borders or any sort of designs for that matter.

In order to find path borders on Twitter, just search for "acnh path border" in the search box (acnh being an acronym of Animal Crossing New Horizons) and sort of latest to find the latest patterns.

Nook’s Island also features a healthy selection of Animal Crossing designs. r/AnimalCrossing on Reddit serves as a hub for the Animal Crossing community, but it’s not exclusive for designs. So you’ll need to dig deep for designs and even deeper if you’re specifically looking for path borders.

But if you’re fishing for a really niche design that no one has made so far? Well, it’s time to let the creative juices flowing and make your own Animal Crossing designs with ACPatterns!

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