The Best Marco 5 Class Setup For Aggressive Players in Season 4

The H4 Blixen was at the top of the SMG meta along with the likes of the MP-40 and Cooper Carbine. The weapon received a major nerf in Season 4, resulting in many players moving on to finding a new meta SMG. Players didn't have to wait for too long though, as the new Marco 5 has been one of the top SMG choices for a sniper support weapon.

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The Marco 5 is a new SMG added to Vanguard in Season 4. It's been a few weeks since the release of Season 4, and players have already reached tier 15 of the battle pass to unlock this free new weapon. The Marco 5 is a great secondary and excellent sniper support, helping clear enemies at close range effectively.

This weapon is especially handy on smaller maps like Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island. The following is our recommended class setup for your Marco 5.

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Imerito 342mm 04P
  • Underbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Magazine: 8mm Nambu 64 Round Drum
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Stock: Imerito FR
  • Rear Grip: Taped Grip
  • Perk 1: Momentum
  • Perk 2: Quick

The Recoil Booster helps increase the fire rate, which results in a faster TTK. It allows you to take on multiple enemies at once. We've been able to take out at least two players and even three with this class setup.

Of course, if the fire rate is high, you need a larger magazine. That's why we recommend selecting the 8mm Nambu 64 Round Drum. It gives you enough firepower to take on multiple enemies at close to medium range. In addition to extra rounds, the drum rounds also aid in hip fire accuracy and recoil control.

The Imerito 342mm 04P is an excellent barrel to get a grip on this weapon. It gives you good control of the weapon and increases accuracy and overall controllability. The barrel also increases the bullet velocity and flinch resistance. It also helps reduce your weapon's scope sway. More bullet velocity is added thanks to the Lengthened ammunition.

Speaking of scope, you might not get into a lot of issues when it comes to scope unless you're using a scope like G16. For this class setup, we recommend going with the Slate Reflector. It's a clean sight with a clear view of the target ahead of you. Feel free to select your choice of optic attachment if you're more comfortable with it. This won't affect the class a lot. But remember to select optics with little magnification as the class is built for close to medium engagements.

The Mark VI Skeletal is the first underbarrel you unlock for this weapon, and it is our recommended underbarrel as it helps increase movement speed and aim down sight speed. We've chosen the Taped Grip for additional speed buffs as the rear grip attachment. It provides increased weapon swap speed, sprint to fire speed, and movement speed and helps with aiming stability. We've tried this compared to the Rubber Grip, and the Taped grip beats it by a huge margin.

We've selected the Imerito FR stock attachment for further stability and recoil control. This attachment is perfect for both speed and recoil. Normally if you're going for an aggressive "movement" build, recoil is always an issue. But not in this case, luckily. The stock helps with initial firing recoil and recoil recovery. It also helps increase movement speed and aim down sight speed.

Finally, for the perks, we've gone with Momentum and Quick. Quick is self-explanatory as it helps increase your sprint speed. Momentum gives you a small speed boost for a short period of time after you get a kill. Momentum is vital when it comes to taking on a duo or a trio team.

The Marco 5 is currently the highest-picked SMG in Warzone, and this is definitely one of the most fun builds to play around with. Make sure to try it in Fortune's Keep or Rebirth Island, as it is a ton of fun at close-quarter combat engagements.

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