The Batman spawns Arkham Asylum spin-off

Director Matt Reeves is cooking up another The Batman spinoff series for HBO Max with a plot revolving around the denizens of Arkham Asylum.

The Batman might not be a part of the DC Extended Universe, but it's birthing a cinematic universe. Even before the Matt Reeves film premiered, HBO Max had confirmed at least two spin-offs with a Catwoman series in consideration as well. The first one, GCPD, is reportedly a drama set a year before the events of The Batman, just as the caped crusader started his life-long vigilante career. Meanwhile, the second spinoff will star Colin Farrell's Oswald Cobblepot, in a story revolving around his life as one of Gotham's criminal under lords. Now, it appears that another spin-off is coming featuring the deranged patients of Arkham Asylum.

Batman Arkham Asylum Spin Off
Reeves could work on several spin-offs set before the events of The Batman to help set the stage for an even bigger sequel.

Reeves recently sat down with the Toronto Sun to talk more about the Farrell-led The Penguin series on HBO Max. In the middle of the interview, Reeves also brought up an interesting update on other The Batman spin-offs. In particular, Reeves revealed that he's working on a show about Arkham Asylum, which caught the attention of fans.

The Batman Arkham Asylum Spin Off
The Asylum played a key role in the Gotham TV series.

The infamous institution is an integral part of Batman lore. The first two games of Rocksteady Studios' critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy were set in the said psychiatric prison. Throughout the years, the hospital has housed some of Gotham's worst criminal minds such as Batman's rival, the Joker. In most stories, the Asylum is also is where Harleen Quinzel initially worked as a psychiatrist before falling in love with Joker and becoming Harley Quinn.

Unfortunately, all The Batman spin-offs are still in pre-production. Not to mention, Reeves' statement is the first time that we're hearing about an Arkham Asylum-inspired drama. For all that we know, the GCPD and Arkham Asylum shows are the same.

The Batman Arkham Asylum Spin Off
Here's to hoping Reeves doesn't get too overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of stories that he can tell based on the Batman universe.

Ultimately, Reeves isn't short on source material for any spinoff that Warner Bros. might greenlight going forward. The Batman has a treasure trove of interesting stories and villains that could all make for excellent adaptations, both on the big screen and on the small screen. Moving forward, Reeves should have the ears of Warner Bros. executives after his work on The Batman received critical acclaim and went on to post the second-highest global box office take for an opening weekend in the past two years with the potential to hit $1 billion if it can keep up its momentum.

TLDR; fans can expect to see more of The Batman universe in the years to come.

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