The Adam Project makes history on Netflix

Ryan Reynolds lands himself another big Netflix hit as The Adam Project scores the third-highest debut of any film on the streaming platform.

Ryan Reynolds just can't seem to miss. It doesn't matter if it's on a streaming platform or in theaters, his movies are a guaranteed hit.

The Adam Project was also a critical success, getting a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Case in point, The Adam Project. After working with Shawn Levy with last year's Free Guy, which got a sequel almost immediately after hitting theaters, the two teamed up again for a Netflix-exclusive sci-fi adventure film, The Adam Project. Although the expectations were almost always high with Reynolds, as well as the 13 going 30 on-screen couple, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, in tow, The Adam Project is blowing past all expectations.

According to Deadline, The Adam Project just scored itself the 3rd-highest debut for a Netflix original movie. Using hours watched within the first week as a metric, the film pulled in 92.4 million hours a week after debuting last March 11. The Adam Project now ranks just behind last year's hit satire film, Don't Look Up (111 million hours watched) and Red Notice (148.7 million hours watched), which is another Reynolds movie that's set to get back-to-back sequels.

However, unlike the two aforementioned films, which got heavy marketing in the lead up to their premieres, The Adam Project received relatively little attention outside of a Super Bowl LVI trailer.

The success of The Adam Project also bodes well for Reynolds' future projects, specifically, with Disney. Reynolds' recent collaborations with Netflix weren't exactly on-brand with the House of Mouse. The Adam project proved that Reynolds can pull off family-oriented entertainment just as well as his more "popular" R-rated films like Deadpool, among others. Even if we know that Deadpool 3 is still going to carry an R-rating, Reynolds proved that he can still draw in big audiences without the mature content. It also doesn't hurt that he's bringing Levy along with him, who was recently confirmed as Deadpool 3's director.

The Adam Project is Reynolds' first film to premiere after taking a break from Hollywood in late 2021.

Speaking of Deadpool 3, Reynolds recently teased that he'll have more updates to share soon about the upcoming MCU film. Reynolds could have been talking about Marvel Studios signing Levy to direct the threequel, but he could also be hinting at production starting soon.

As for Reynolds' future with Netflix, we can be sure that the streaming platform will come knocking again.

For now, fans who still haven't watched The Adam Project can check it out on Netflix. The film stars Reynolds as a pilot who has to travel back in time to save the future of mankind with the help of his younger self and dead father.

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