The 12 Toughest Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise and How to Beat Them

This post covers the toughest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise and how to beat them. For our guide to the top 25 monsters across all the Monster Hunter games, click here.

The Monster Hunter series has always been challenging, and everyone has that one specific monster that they hate to face. However, defeating monsters is necessary to get better armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise and the tougher the monster, the better the rewards you can get. Below are some of the toughest monsters to beat in Monster Hunter Rise along with tips on how to beat each of them.

12. Bishaten

Bishaten loves eating fruits and throws them at the Hunters as an attack.

Bishaten is a new Fanged Beast in Monster Hunter Rise. This beast only has a 4 Star Threat Level but it can be challenging if you are just starting in the game. Bishaten will use different colored fruits and throw them at the hunter. These Fruits will inflict different statuses depending on their color. The Poison fruit will inflict poison (duh), the Flash Fruit will blight the Hunter and the Jumbo Fruit will recover your health.

You can interrupt the monster while throwing the fruit so you can keep the fruits intact. You can use the statuses of the fruit to your advantage afterward. Bishaten will also attack the Hunter with its tail while holding a fruit. Getting hit by this attack will also inflict a status on you depending on the fruit. Lastly, Bishaten will spin extremely fast and do an aerial dash attack.

Tips on defeating Bishaten

The yellow fruit on Bishaten's tail will stun your Hunter.

Stock up on Antidotes and Herbal Medicines before the run and make sure to avoid getting hit by the fruits.  Beware of the monster when it has the yellow fruit on its tail. Getting hit by this attack will stun your hunter. Make sure to focus on the tail because this can knock Bishaten down and get rid of the fruits. Bishaten is extremely weak against the Ice Element, so equip a weapon with this element to make the hunt easier.

11. Rathalos

Rathalos is the most iconic monster in the Monster Hunter Franchise.

Anyone who has been playing Monster Hunter games for a long time knows Rathalos. This monster is a Flying Wyvern that has been around for every Monster Hunter game. It can be challenging to beat Rathalos during the early game, especially since the wyvern tends to fly a lot. Rathalos will also launch a Talon Spike attack that will inflict poison on your Hunter.

Be sure to bring an antidote with you, just in case he gets you with one of his poison attacks. Rathalos will also perform the Fire Breath move on you so be sure to roll over to the side when you see him performing the attack. He can also perform this fire attack when he is hovering in the sky.

Tips on Defeating Rathalos

Rathalos can inflict poison using its claws.

Bring a Flash Bomb with you and make sure to set off the bomb where Rathalos is facing to make it effective. When he is down, make sure to break his wings and attack his legs to prevent him from flying. Rathalos is weak against Dragon attacks. Try to invest in fire resistance decorations to avoid the heavy damage of Rathalos. When the Rathalos roars, it is usually followed up by a Fire Breath so dodge to the side as fast as you can.

10. Nargacuga

Nargacuga is a flying wyvern that stalks its prey.

Nargacuga is one of the older Monsters that is first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Nargacuga can be challenging to defeat because of its speed and lunge attacks.  Nargacuga will stalk its prey first before doing lunge attacks so make sure to roll over and put distance when you are the target. If you are using a melee weapon, beware of its quick bite attacks as Nargacuga will use this on anyone who is in front of them.

Nargacuga will also perform a variety of tailspin movements. Avoid the spiked tail shots as this can stun your Hunter. Nargacuga will also flip and slam its tail which can easily KO your hunter. Once enraged, you will notice that its eyes are glowing red. An Enraged Nargacuga will become faster and more mobile when attacking so beware. However, when Nargacuga is Enraged, the pitfall traps will be effective.

Tips on Defeating Nargacuga

When enraged, Nargacuga's attacks become faster.

Nargacuga will destroy your Pitfall traps when not enraged, so avoid placing them before the enraged stage. Nargacuga will also move a lot so you should use the target camera so you can dodge easily. Cut the tail if you can because the tail slam will have less damage if the tail is severed. Breaking the Forelegs of Nargacuga can be challenging but will help in reducing its mobility during the hunt.

9. Zinogre

Zinogre is a fanged wyvern that uses lightning in its attacks.

Zinogre is another returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise. This Fanged Wyvern is famous for its Leg Stomp and Body Slam before charging. After Zinogre has charged, the Leg Stomp will have electricity and can knock back your Hunter. Zinogre will also summon Lightning from above so make sure to roll to the side when you see the lightning indicator on your Hunter.

Zinogre will also slam its body towards you and generate an area of effect of electricity that can give you Thunder Blight. Zinogre also has a new move - Tailryuken, which will launch you in the air. At first, it will look like the Leg Stomp move but Zinogre will perform a tail uppercut with electricity that can send your Hunter flying.

Tips on Defeating Zinogre

You can gather fulgurbugs from Zinogre's back when he falls.

The best position to avoiding Zinogre's Leg stomps is beside its Forelegs. You can easily avoid the Leg Stomps if you position your Hunter beside its Forelegs instead of in front of it. There are multiple areas to focus on, including Zinogre's back, forelegs, and tail.  Zinogre is weak to the Ice element. When Zinogre falls, you can quickly sheath your weapon and go to its back to get extra Fulgur bugs!

8. Tigrex

Tigrex is a flying wyvern that prefers to rule the ground.

Tigrex is a classic Flying Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise. Unlike Rathalos, this monster prefers dominating the solid ground instead of the sky. Tigrex will rush towards a Hunter up to three times and follows up with a Tail Attack or Bite attack.  Tigrex can both spin and swipe his tail across the field during the Hunt. The Head and Arms of Tigrex will deal damage to the Hunter during the Tail Spin.

If you stand in front of a Tigrex, it will bite you, so avoid standing in front at all times. Tigrex will also hurl three large boulders in a cone with its Boulder Hurl move. If you are close to the Tigrex, you can also get damaged whenever it roars. You can dodge its roar when you notice Tigrex holding its head high and standing proudly on both arms.

Tips on Defeating Tigrex

Tigrex will charge towards the hunter two to three times.

Avoid getting hit by any of the moves as it can reduce your Health pretty hard. Instead, focus on breaking its forelegs and cutting off its Tail. The safest position to be while fighting Tigrex is hiding under its arms. You can also lead him to the quicksands or the walls whenever he is rushing a Hunter so he can get stuck. When the Tigrex is stuck, strike the Monster down. Tigrex is also weak to the Thunder element.

7. Almudron

Almudron is a leviathan that uses mud and inflicts waterblight.

Almudron is a new Leviathan monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster has a threat level of 7 and can be challenging to beat. Almudron will create Mud and throw it towards the Hunter. The Golden Mud on the ground will damage your Hunter as long as you are inside it. This monster also has an extremely long body that can lunge at you from a distance.

Almudron has a variety of Mud attacks that you need to avoid or else you will get Waterblight. When Almudron submerges into the water, it will create a whirlpool that will suck any nearby Hunters in. This monster will also form a Mud Ball and hold it using its tail, and this can increase the damage of Tail Attacks and the Mud Ball Hammer move. The Mud Ball Hammer move is when Almudron uses the Mud Ball on its tail and slams it to an area.

Tips on Defeating Almudron

Almudron has a long body, enabling it to close in on Hunters easily.

When Almudron is half-submerged on the water, position your Hunter in between the tail and forelegs of the monster. Try to break the Mud Ball on Almudron's tail as much as you can, to prevent it from increasing the damage of the Tail attacks. Do not forget to bring Nulberries during the hunt for the Waterblight status. Another safe position when defeating the Almudron is near its Hind Legs. Almudron is extremely weak against the Fire Element.

6. Diablos

Diablos will burrow into the sand and attack from below.

Diablos is the Tyrant of the Sands and has been around since the first Monster Hunter game. Diablos is famous for its charged attacks that will KO any Hunter if they cannot dodge in time. Diablos will also swing their head from side to side. Due to its huge horns and head, this attack covers a huge area so maintain some distance between your Hunter and the Monster.

Diablos is also famous for burrowing underground and attacking from below. One of the most dangerous attacks of Diablos is the Furious Ambush where he pushes up his entire body from the ground. This move can KO your Hunter immediately and covers a huge area. If you stay beside Diablos, you also have to be aware of its hip attack where he uses his hips to charge on the Hunters by its side.

Tips on Defeating Diablos

Diablos is susceptible to sonic bombs due to its sensitive hearing.

When Diablos locks onto one Hunter and performs the Furious Ambush, you can avoid this attack by running and performing a Superman Dive or a Leap of Faith. You should also focus on breaking its horns to reduce the range of its attacks. You can lead Diablos during their Charged attack to the anthills so their horns can get stuck on the anthill. Use sonic bombs to force Diablos out of the ground. Diablos is weak to the Ice element.

5. Magnamalo

Magnamalo is a fanged wyvern that inflicts hellfireblight.

Magnamalo is a new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster spreads hellfire around it, inflicting Hunters with the Hellfire Blight status. Magnamalo will start by scattering Hellfire dust around it. Magnamalo will perform a blast attack once the hellfire turns reddish and it will explode. The monster will also use its tail and slam it to the ground to create a cone of Hellfire.

Magnamalo will also fire Hellfire Orbs and rush to them, dealing damage to Hunters along the way. Two of the most dangerous moves by Magnamalo are the Hellfire Explosion and Divebomb Explosion.  Once the Hellfire turns reddish in color, Magnamalo will perform a huge AoE of Hellfire blast. Magnamalo will also Dive Bomb into a target and cause an explosion.

Tips on Defeating Magnamalo

Use your Wiredash to remove the Hellfire Blight status.

Wirebug is your best friend in this fight. You can use the Wirebug to dash and evade its attacks. You can also use the Wirebug to get rid of the Hellfire Blight status. You can also perform a Wirefall to avoid the blast that can instantly knock Hunters out. Focus on the parts with Hellfire to prevent Magnamalo from performing blast attacks. You can also use a Deodorant to remove the Hellfire Blight status. Magnamalo is weak to the water element.

4. Rajang

Rajang is an extremely violent Fanged Beast.

Rajang is one of the most aggressive and violent Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. This Fanged Beast has been around since Monster Hunter 2 and is famous for its speed and mobility. Rajang will fire a Lightning beam in a line in front of him so quickly dodge out of the way when he performs this attack. Rajang will also jump up in the air and fire a lightning blast on the ground.

Rajang is famous for performing quick attacks where he jumps and slams on the ground using his entire body. Rajang will also swing its fist from side to side continuously. You should watch out for Rajang's lunge attack where it grabs the Hunter and performs continuous attacks until they are knocked out. Rajang also has a spin move that can deal massive damage to any Hunter caught in it.

Tips on Defeating Rajang

Rajang will grab the Hunter and perform consecutive attacks until they are knocked out.

When Rajang enters the Super Mode, focus on its tail instead. Look for opportunities to strike after Rajang performs continuous attacks. Avoid placing traps when Rajang is in Super Mode as it can destroy any traps placed on the ground. Use your Wirebugs! Rajang is extremely mobile and quick so you must do the same. Use your Wiredash to evade crucial attacks.  Rajang is weak to the Ice element.

3. Teostra

Teostra is an elder dragon that uses the power of fire.

With the return of the three Elder Dragons in Version 2.0, Teostra is one of the more challenging Elder Dragons you have to face once you hit AR 40. Melee users may find themselves having a hard time facing this monster because of the blast orbs surrounding its body. These blast orbs will explode and deal damage. Additionally, if Teostra enters the Super Flame Armor state, ranged attacks will deal no damage to his body except the head.

Anyone near Teostra will also get passive heat damage so put some distance and drink your potions often. When fighting Teostra, you have to watch out for three dangerous moves. Teostra will perform a high pressure flame thrower attack at short range dealing massive damage. Another dangerous attack is the Circular Supernova where it performs a mini supernova on the area in front of him.

Lastly, the most dangerous move of Teostra is its Supernova attack. Teostra will unleash all its energy and anyone caught in the Supernova will be carted. The Supernova is a one-shot so be careful and run away from its radius as soon as you see Teostra charging up.

Tips on Defeating Teostra

Ranged attacks will not work on Teostra when he has the Super Flame Armor.

Focus on breaking Teostra's horn and avoid the blast orbs around him. Keep in mind that Ranged attacks will only work on Teostra's head during the Super Flame Armor state. You can remove Teostra's flame armor by knocking it down. If you do not have enough time to get away from the Supernova, you can try to perform a Superman Dive or a Leap of Faith to avoid its attack.

2. Goss Harag

Goss Harag is a Fanged Beast that inflicts Iceblight status.

Goss Harag is not an Elder Dragon but this Fanged beast can pack a punch due to its different Ice Weapons. This is a new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise and is typically seen in cold climates. Goss Harag will perform charged attacks and headbutts that can knockout the Hunter standing in front of it. Goss Harag will also jump back and create fissures that travel to the targeted Hunter.

Once enraged, watch out for its Ice Breath which shoots up and sideways. After the first beam, immediately jump up so your Hunter can dodge both beams. This beam can inflict Iceblight on your hunter. After this attack, Goss Harag will form weapons on its hands. The weapon has three variations including a single sword, a double sword, and a sword and block. His attacks will differ according to its weapon.

Tips on Defeating Goss Harag

Goss Harag will make Ice weapons and its attacks will vary depending on its weapon.

Once Goss Harag forms its weapons, focus on breaking them. This will limit its powerful Ice attacks. The safest position when fighting Goss Harag is its back because most of its attacks come from the front. Always bring Nulberries in case you get inflicted by the Iceblight. Use your Wirebugs as emergency escapes when you get caught in one of its powerful attacks.

1. Thunder Serpent Narwa

Thunder Serpent Narwa is the final boss in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Thunder Serpent Narwa is the Final Boss in Monster Hunter Rise. This Elder Dragon has thundersacs that generate magnetic fields, enabling the Dragon to float in the air.  The Thunder Serpent Narwa boss fight has four phases and most of the time, your Hunter will have to rely on the machines given to them. Narwa will attack using Lightning coils in the shape of a Donut.

Thunder Serpent Narwa will also launch a huge Thunder beam from its mouth. An indicator that Narwa will perform this attack is if lightning charges are forming on its mouth. Narwa will also perform large attacks like Spark Blasts and Divine Light Show. The Spark Blast will instantly stun your Hunter so avoid it as much as you can and the Divine Light Show covers almost the entire area with lightning strikes and coils.

Thunder Serpent Narwa has an Ultimate move called the Divine Ire. Whenever Narwa performs this attack, it will coil around itself, charging energy. If you are unable to knock Narwa on this stage, it will perform an attack that can instantly KO fellow Hunters.

Tips on Defeating Thunder Serpent Narwa

The Thunder Serpent Narwa boss fight has four phases.

Focus on evading its large attacks. Patience is key here, and whenever you get the chance where its thundersac is exposed, deal as much damage as you can. You can knock Narwa out if you deal enough damage to it.  Thunder Serpent Narwa will summon platforms that will contain artilleries like cannons and ballistae. Use these machines as much as possible.

Lure the monster towards the Dragonator as much as you can and activate it to deal massive damage. You can also use the Splitting Wyvernshot whenever Narwa is performing its Ultimate for a chance to knock it down. Focus on its Thundersac when using the artilleries. There are times when Narwa will expose its thundersac and you should get a couple of hits in while dodging its attacks.


Thunder Serpent Narwa in its opening cutscene.

Defeating Monsters are key to getting better armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Some Monsters are more challenging compared to others. There is no easy way to defeat these monsters and learning their move sets and dodging quickly is key. However, defeating these challenging monsters can help increase your Hunter Rank and Forge weapons and armor that can make your future hunts easier.

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