Xbox testers to get first dibs on new Xbox Home UI

After releasing exclusively to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insider testers, Xbox is expected to roll out the same dashboard to the public later this year.

The Xbox Home UI is already being touted as a better version of the last one.

Microsoft has listened to the user feedback and implemented a new Xbox Home UI design to simplify the user navigation experience on the Xbox dashboard while making space for background images.

The changes come after the software giant stopped testing the upcoming Xbox Home UI as a result of negative comments. The result has been well-received by the early testers so far.

By moving the apps and games tiles down further on the screen, users can see more of their background. The tile sizes are also smaller and there's a responsive game art introduced alongside the update that will refresh whenever you hover over certain games and apps.

Finally, Xbox is introducing a floating UI at the top for easier access o the important stuff, like your video games and apps as well as the Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store, among others.

The update still leaves plenty to be desired but it's a marked improvement over previous attempts. It's easier to showcase background images and game art on your Xbox now than ever before. In addition to this, there's plenty of wiggle room for tweaks, which are expected after the end of the testing phase. Fingers crossed, the final version will look significantly better than the already-improved UI that's being teased right now.

At the moment, only Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insider members can access the new Xbox Home UI later this week.

These small refinements can go a long way in helping Microsoft sell more Xbox consoles.

Most likely, Xbox is planning to release this UI in time for the showcase-filled month of June, which is when it will showcase Starfield, among others.

Speaking of Xbox, Microsoft is reportedly struggling to sell the Xbox Series S/X. The situation isn't likely to get better until a good exclusive comes along following the bad reviews that Redfall is getting.

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