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Techland to Provide Dying Light 2 Update Next Week

Dying Light was a commercial and critical success that definitely warrants a sequel for next-gen consoles.
Dying Light was a commercial and critical success that definitely warrants a sequel for next-gen consoles.

2015's survival horror game, Dying Light, was one of the more underrated games of its generation.

Thanks to Techland's decision to continue updating the game for years after its release, it built itself quite a loyal player base. So, when they announced that they were working on a sequel, fans couldn't help but get excited. However, next came disappointment as Techland announced that they were going to delay the game indefinitely.

Since then, we haven't really heard much about Dying Light 2 nor Techland - until now.

The Polish developers took to Twitter to let fans know that they're going to share a "few words" on March 17, next Wednesday, regarding the development of the game.

What's Going on With Dying Light 2?

As we've already mentioned earlier, the developers promised to share some news about Dying Light 2 soon. However, whether or not this is good news or bad news was not specified, so it's best to not get your hopes up.

Dying Light 2 was first announced at E3 2018 by Chris Avellone.

Techland had approached Avellone due to his expertise in writing narrative-driven stories. They apparently aimed to make the story of Dying light 2 more reactive to player choices. However, in January 2020, even before the pandemic forced developers to delay some of their titles, Techland announced that they'd made the decision to give the game more development time.

Unfortunately, Techland didn't specify until when they'd continue development on the game. As a result, here we are, waiting for Techland to provide a clear release date for Dying Light 2.

It is worth noting though that Dying Light 2 hit a couple of snags during the time between now and when the original release date was delayed. This includes The Gamer exposing the tension between the staff and the management.

In addition to this, Techland parted ways with Chris Avellone in June 2020. This was after there were numerous reports of sexual misconduct allegations being filed against the comic book writer.

Ultimately, Techland's development has been nothing short of chaotic. Some have even called out Techland for not knowing exactly what to do with their game. One source, in particular, went on to say that Dying Light has "changed so much". The said individual explained that this was the result of people either quitting or getting fired.

Here's to hoping that whatever they have to say about Dying Light 2 on Wednesday is positive.

In other news, fans looking for something to satisfy their zombie fix need not wait for too long. Resident Evil Village is expected to release on May 7 2021 with a second demo coming in the next few weeks.

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